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Discounted Pricing! The Premier Discount app for more Sales

About Booster: Discounted Pricing

Discounted Pricing =More Sales : Generate more sales by offering discounted pricing through volume discount offers. Discounted Pricing done right!

Sell More with Volume Discount : Discounted Pricing offers are compatible with all Shopify sales channels. Volume discounts to increase sales!

Discounted Pricing w/ no code : No coding necessary to get started with discounts. Start making more money right away with volume discount offers!


Offer Discounted Pricing to customers buying in bulk!

Easily set up different price tiers and start making more sales today! Volume discounts are fully customizable and take less than a minute to create.

Increase revenue by incentivizing targeted products with quantity breaks

What problem does the app solve?

Using Discounted Pricing will allow customers to buy in bulk and be incentivized to add more items to their cart.


  • Customer buys 2 or more of a certain product they get a discount of 5% off.
  • Customer spends more than $200 - they get a discount of 5% off.
  • If they buy 4 or more they get a discount of 7% off

No developers needed!

The app works right away. Quantity breaks done right! If you have any issues just let us know :)

Reach more customers with our Mobile Friendly design

Unlike other apps we're customized for all desktop, mobile and tablet devices; helping you reach even more customers.


  • Set volume discounts across collections and products
  • Quantity breaks discounts
  • Highly customizable
  • Use in conjunction with discount codes
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June 13, 2017
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