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Get Discount coupons using points

About Star Promo Points

Customers Rewards : When customer join to the Star Promo Points, they will get the points as rewards

Get More Customers : If customers will join, get the points (rewards) and they will get the discounts. So customers will increase to the store.

Grow Up Your Business : More customers then more sell and more sell then spread your business in worldwide.

Get discount coupons and Grow up your business

Why Use the Star Promo Points?

The Star Promo Points App is provide the features for the grow up your business. You can add the plans for join or register for the customers. And give the rewards to the customers for joining to your store as points.

If customers get the reward points on purchasing the products, they will place more orders to get more rewards and get big amount of points. So merchants get more selling of the products and grow their business.

How to use Star Promo Points?

  • Create plans for customer registration or Join
  • Create discount offers for the customers
  • Customer will join or register your store, they will get the rewards


  • Easy to use
  • Easily get more customers
  • Stay customer to the store for long time
  • Add Multiple plans for customers
  • Add paid plan for customer to join and get more rewards
  • Add plan wise discount offers for customers
  • Get more selling or orders of the customers
  • Customer will get the rewards when place the orders, so place more orders
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January 04, 2022
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