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Prevent cut, copy, save image, view source, inspect element …

About Disable Mouse Right‑Click

Protects Your Images : Stops dragging and dropping to save images, keyboard shortcuts, and right clicks on the client to prevent image theft.

Protects Your Text : Stops copy/paste, right clicks, and keyboard shortcuts to prevent blatant text theft and protect your written work.

Works With All Themes : It sure does! Even, it works with any customized themes.

Disable Mouse Right-Click


  • Anyone can easily copy-paste your site content in most modern browsers and then claim it as their own.
  • Search engines such as Google value original content. If your content is found to be duplicated, your search ranking will start dropping significantly.


  • This app helps you to protect your store content, images, and texts from being stolen with a few simple clicks. It disables certain browser features which makes it hard for a thief to steal your content.


  • Protect Images: Disables right clicks, "Save As", drag/drop to save
  • Protect Text: Disables copy-paste, highlighting, and context menu.
    • Disable Keyboard Shortcuts: Disables save-page, copy and paste shortcuts.
    • Disable the "Save As" & "View Source" Menu.
    • Prevent PrintScreen and screen capture.
    • Log a custom Legal Notice.
  • Show alert message when the user made a right-click.
  • Work on both desktop as well as mobile.
  • Work with all themes.
  • Compatible with all browsers.


  • There are inherent limits in the use of any app, including the Disable Mouse Right-Click app, and we caution you to make sure that you completely understand the potential risks before installing it.

  • In order to block the right-click activity, we make use of JavaScript which is one of the popular scripting languages used to enhance functionality. As the result, it helps to get rid of bad intentions that are technologically obsolete. However, a tech geek or anyone who learns some tricks may easily bypass this protection. There is no way to protect images on your store radically.

  • Disable Mouse Right-Click is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, to your store's properties, including your images. The use of Disable Mouse Right-Click is done at your own discretion and risk and with the agreement that you will be solely responsible for any stealing aiming at your images, and we will not be liable for any loss.

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February 01, 2021
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