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The easiest way to accept Interac e-Transfer payments

About DirectPay

Reduce cart abandonment : Increase customer conversion and completed checkouts by offering your users an in-demand payment method that is simple to use.

Increase sales revenue : Not all Canadians want to pay with credit card. Increase your sales by reaching new customers who want to pay directly from their bank.

Lower payment processing costs : DirectPay is an easy way to lower the fees you pay. Transaction costs are lower than credit card, installment plans and digital wallets.

Accept Interac e-Transfer payments at checkout with DirectPay

Let your customers pay how they want to pay.

DirectPay is the easiest way to accept Interac e-Transfer payments at your checkout.

Shopify merchants add DirectPay to access new customers, get more transactions, and lower costs.

Why is Interac e-Transfer so important?

It is the most accessible and in-demand payment option in Canada. Available to all Canadians with a bank account, and supported by all major banks, credit unions and financial institutions, Interac e-Transfer represents financial inclusion in Canada. It is no surprise that Canadians trust Interac e-Transfer to send money to peers and businesses every day.

Your DirectPay benefits: Grow sales, lower costs.

In recent consumer surveys, Canadians said they would choose Interac e-Transfer as a payment method at checkout because:

  • They believe it would help them avoid credit related debt
  • It would make them feel more secure shopping online
  • It would make online shopping an available option for them

Many Canadians simply do not want to use a credit card for online purchases, or simply do not have a credit card. And because it’s not a credit card, you are secure in knowing that your customer’s payment is guaranteed, with no chance of chargebacks.

Offering DirectPay on your Shopify store is simple:

Simply sign-up, configure the app and you’re ready to accept Interac e-Transfer payments. No code, no hassle, no hidden fees.

How secure is DirectPay?

Your customer simply logs into their bank account to complete the payment, using their bank’s online portal. DirectPay ensures bank level security for your customers - their credentials stay between them and their bank.

Grow your business today.

DirectPay is secure, trusted and proven. With a dedicated Canada-wide support team, it’s easy to get started today and grow your business.

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March 23, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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