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About Dhatma Reports & Analytics

Advanced Intelligent Reporting : Pre-made reports and data analytics that cover your entire business, reports being used by top global e-commerce companies.

360° Analytics : See your business in a new light with an advanced 360° perspective of your business. We pull a wide array of data into our reports.

All the data In One Place : More than just traffic analytics, we also pull Products, Collections, Product Types, Tags, Search keywords, Orders, Sessions, and Profits.

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Dhatma | All-in-one e-commerce analytics solution

Dhatma Analytics is the most complete and insightful analytics reporting tool today!

Our goal is to simplify your decision-making with easy to follow enterprise-level reports that cover your entire business. We take more data into our reports than any other tool to create powerful analytics that keeps you informed. By combining customer behavior data with your order history, we help you make better decisions and understand your business better.

Here’s What Makes Dhatma Analytics So Effective:

Creates More Powerful And Advanced Analytics Than Regular Tools:

  • We help create advanced data reports of your business while analysing more data than other tools.
  • Combined synchronicity in analytics by incorporating back end results with user traffic. -Advanced and easy to analyze reports over your entire business: products, orders, profit, collections, search, customers, marketing expenses, and more.

Advanced And Speedy Web Analytics

  • Our web analytic script is as light as it can be. Page load times are not affected..
  • Track all your customer's movements and on-site decisions without compromising page speed.
  • Captures all the usual data like Sessions, Session Conversion Rate, Revenue per Session, UTMs, Locations, Tech, individual product or collection views, conversions, and more.

Easy Marketing Integrations

  • One-click integrations with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to easily see your marketing effects on your website sales and traffic.

Insightful Collections Analytics

  • Get advanced reporting right down to the collection level!
  • View advanced metrics such as: how many customers interact with each collection, conversions from listing, how much revenue each collection generates, and which products are seen and which aren't.

Full Order Reporting

  • Automatic sales and order importing.
  • Deep dive reporting into where your sales are coming from.
  • Ranking and tracking different product sales from UTM, location, product distribution per order, sources, and much more.

Thorough Financial Analytics

  • Discover the true sales of your business.
  • See your finances in an easy to follow P&L structure.
  • We automatically cover all the main Financial numbers, from sales to discounts, profit, margin, and marketing costs.

Want To Learn More?

We're enthusiastic to help you onboard, answer any questions you may have, and listen to your feedback. You can schedule a call with us anytime on our website or drop us an email, before or after you install Dhatma Analytics.

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June 07, 2021
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