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Online distribution to expand fan economy.

About Shopflyer:Affiliate Marketing

Increase sales : Online celebrities help you sell goods and greatly increase sales. The huge fan group is a huge traffic pool.

order tracking : Online celebrities have a distribution link. If they use the distribution link to buy goods, the order will be automatically tracked.

Commission Calculation : After fans buy goods, the Commission of online celebrities will be calculated automatically, which is simple and fast.


Application functions

  1. Merchant Dashboard page: display the affiliate's ability to sell goods, with visual chart and tables showing detailed information.
  2. Merchant Program page: you can add, delete, modify and check the Commission strategy, and provide the affiliate registration link corresponding to the Commission strategy.
  3. Merchant Affiliates page: manage the registered affiliate, view the details of the registered affiliate, and merchants can add affiliate individually or in batch on this page. You can also view the distribution order of the affiliate. The distribution order has different statuses. At the beginning, it is in pending status. The merchant can change the status of the sharing order to approved or denied on this page.
  4. Merchant Coupons page: the page for managing discount codes. On this page, you can add discount codes and bind them to the specified affiliate.
  5. Merchant All Referrals page: display the information of all distribution orders. The merchant can change the order in pending status to approved status or denied status on this page.
  6. Merchant Process payments page: displays the distribution orders in approved and paid status. After the merchant pays the affiliate, the distribution order in approved status can be changed to paid status on this page.
  7. Affiliate Dashboard page: displays the distribution fund, distribution link, discount code and recent performance of the affiliate. In addition, affiliate can also create distribution links of specified goods and specified sources on this page.
  8. Affiliate Commission page: view your commission order.
  9. Affiliate Payment page: view your payment document information.
  10. Affiliate Setting page: on this page, you can set your own information and password, and set your own payment method. Merchants can pay to Affiliate through the payment method of Affiliate.


  1. Access affiliate traffic.
  2. Simple application and operation.
  3. Automatically track orders.
  4. Automatic commission calculation.

Working principle

  1. Merchants can create a custom commission policy, and then share the registration link of the commission policy with Affiliate.
  2. Affiliate registers through the registration link. After successful registration, it directly enters the corresponding Commission strategy.
  3. Affiliate shares its distribution link or discount code with its fans. After fans purchase goods through the distribution link or discount code, the order will automatically belong to the corresponding affiliate.
  4. The Commission of affiliate will be automatically calculated without the calculation of the merchant. The merchant can pay according to the commission calculated by the app.
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May 26, 2022
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