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About Developer Tools

Developer efficient : Setup free and no need of server maintenance for data extraction from Shopify’s end.

Reducing private apps : Customer identification and Promotions are just an easy go without a private app setup.

Single call, fetches all : With a single API call we can get all the products, collections and customer metafields.


Developer’s time and energy were not a priority. We just changed it. The first ever Shopify app to minimise, save and thereby increase better usage of developer’s time and energy. This simple yet powerful tool simplifies data fetch from Shopify. A single call, fetches all that’s needed. Now say goodbye to the repetitive, unnecessary and super energy sinking job.

Features in Limelight:

Increasing developer’s time efficiency - Why should a developer spend time on setting up servers? We just don’t need it. Thereby saving time and energy to focus on some real development.

Reducing private apps - Dev Tools simple install helps us fetch all the details that was possible only through private apps. We remove it and we reduce it.

API’s single call, fetches all - We aim for the better utilisation of the Development time by fetching all the required data at one place. Fetch product or collection metafields at one go, identify your first time customers, get orders data etc. with a single API call.

API Calls

1 . Product Details with Metafields - Now instead of doing multiple calls, get metafields directly in product json.

2 . Collection Details with Metafields - Get all collection info with metafields in a single API call.

3 . Customer Details - Irrespective of whether the customer is logged in or not get all the customer details through their email id.

4 . First Time Buyer - Identify your customer on the basis of first time buyer or lifetime spent and run promotions.

5 . Order Details - Get any order details by using order id or order number. Simplifying the process of order tracking without asking users to log in into the account.

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November 19, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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