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About Deposco

Manage volume and complexities : Speed deliveries with full enterprise visibility and order accuracy. Minimize customer churn, labor costs, returns, and other risk factors.

Integrate order management : Quickly configure new technology to sell, source, and move products smarter. Onboard in a matter of 90 days – without switching platforms.

Grow without spending more : Introduce global fulfillment options. Easily meet retailers’ B2B wholesale or DTC requirements, and be first to market with new offerings.

Shipping Carriers WebStores Marketplaces EDI 3PL ERP or CRM

Deposco is a cloud-based WMS + OMS omnichannel fulfillment platform that brings all your ecommerce inventory and supply chain systems into one place.

Ultimate visibility means ultimate savings and control

Instantly see what inventory you’ve got, where it is, and where there’s new demand for it. Seamless contextual insights into decisions at every customer touchpoint improve efficiency, revenue and customer experiences. From order click to warehouse to delivery.

All-in-one platform

The Deposco platform uniquely streamlines warehouse management tasks, like pick-pack-ship automation - tied to intelligent order management system (OMS) capabilities, outside software integrations like materials handling equipment (MHE) and more.

Ship more with confidence

Make sure orders get to your customers the way they need them. No matter how complex things get. Deposco helps you sell more products to more people in more places - without spending more than you make:

  • Reliable, real-time inventory sync across all fulfillment locations and channels, including your 3PL
  • Automated recommendations on how to ship products faster and cheaper, buy smarter, and serve customers better
  • Increased throughput during peak season without having to increase labor
  • Custom services like cartonization, kitting and SSCC label generation
  • Intelligent order routing and inventory segmentation by channel, customer groups, order size, etc.
  • System-directed decision-making tools that save much time and money, like EDI workflows and rate shopping fully connected to shipping carriers
  • No vendor transaction fees for volume or user growth
  • Fast, simple integrations with existing inventory and financial (ERP) systems; third-party supply chain partners including shipping carriers, other marketplaces, EDI networks, and 3PLs; and future applications you may need later

Your trusted partner when It's Grow Time

Deposco's flexible, modern architecture brings merchants a configurable and reliable connection of data flow across inventory everywhere.

Our Bright Suite of applications have helped Tier 1- to Tier 4-sized customers in ecommerce, brand/direct-to-consumer (DTC), and retail to manage growth and improve the customer experience without operational strain. Add new products and services to your store in a way that you can trust and afford. No matter what technologies you need or when.

The Deposco platform is already connected to 570+ Shopify webstores not just grow sales, but manage high-volume ecommerce growth without the growing pains.

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October 14, 2022
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Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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