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About DeltaSqrd: E‑Commerce Tools

Analytics and Markting : All your metrics and KPI's in one APP. This is your go-to-place for all the info you need about your marketing campaigns and store.

AI and tools : We build a variety of tools to help you focus on your business and make your life easier.

Data Privacy & GDPR Compliant : You can rest easy knowing that your data is stored privately in our data center located in the EU, following local regulations.

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DeltaSqrd - Give your online business superpowers - The best tools to make your online store even better!

At DeltaSqrd, we are committed to providing small to medium-sized businesses equal opportunities against the big players in the e-commerce space.

With DeltaSqrd, you can easily and effectively:

  • Track all your store analytics and metrics in a beautiful dashboard
  • Consumer demographics and behavior
  • Revenue and Visit Forecasting
  • Product-specific analytics and how they relate to consumer demographics.
  • Manage your marketing campaigns and their metrics and KPIs
  • Track the performance of social media posts
  • Financial Reporting for accountancy purposes made simple
  • Market Information relevant to your store and market segment (soon)
  • Product Recommendation Engine for you to implement in your store
  • AI-driven tools to make your store even better

All the Analytics you need:

  • Orders
  • Profit, Revenue and expenses
  • Product statistics (including product conversion rate and visits)
  • Consumer demographics and behavior
  • much more

All the marketing in one place:

  • URL shortener to track all your campaigns
  • Metrics and KPIs (CPA, CPC, ROAS, etc.)
  • Monitor social media posts
  • Understand who is visiting your campaigns and posts
  • Deploy directly without leaving the dashboard, marketing campaigns in all the major ad platforms (soon)

Tools to make your life easier:

  • Financial Reporting for accountancy purposes
  • Product Recommendation System
  • Market Info (soon)
  • HeatMaps (soon)
  • Dynamic Pricing (soon)
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Launch date
July 19, 2022

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Matej has worked for organisations of all types and sizes, including global players, startups, and agencies. He designed, developed, and maintained complex projects.

Matej's expertise includes e-commerce, software engineering, web development, systems administration, internet security, managing projects, and building teams.

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