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Product feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Bing, & more!

About Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds

Low Price, Full Optimization : We stand out in our market with competitive prices, you'll succeed in yours with a fully optimized shopping feed.

Show ads in multiple countries : Create and manage multiple product feeds in different languages on channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram.

Easy Product Feed Management : You don’t need any IT skills to manage your data feeds. With DataFeedWatch, you’ll save time and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Intuitive & Efficient Data Transformation App

  • No feed limit! DataFeedWatch processes shopping feeds with an extensive number of products
  • Connect Shopify and DataFeedWatch with just a few clicks
  • Submit all product variants - you can merge and unmerge your product feed based on the channel requirements
  • Assign Google Shopping categories to your products effortlessly
  • Custom channels - create your own feed template to fit your needs exactly
  • Easy Mapping! Create and edit your product feeds by easily setting up complex rules
  • Manage your shopping feed, and optimize your product title, description, and more powerful fields
  • Use powerful feed optimization tools like look-up tables and regular expressions.
  • Use lookup tables for missing information in the source feed
  • Include or exclude seasonal or out-of-stock products with just a few clicks
  • Review your product feed and check for errors before campaigns go live
  • Copy your feed set-up from one channel and use it to painlessly expand to new channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook Feed, Instagram Shopping, Pinterest Shopping, Snapchat Ads, and more
  • Multilingual Support Team


Manage your shopping feeds with ease

DataFeedWatch is intuitive and easy to use. Whether you prefer to just connect your data feed with a channel or to optimize your feed, you can check performance metrics and adjust for better results.



  • Analytics - measure campaign results and ROI
  • Price Watch tool - competitive price insights
  • Automated Google Search Ads
  • Feed Review - check your product feed quality and fix errors
  • Multiple daily feed updates for feeds that are always fresh
  • Sub-accounts with customizable access privileges


Show your products on Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram Shopping and more

DataFeedWatch integrates with key channels like Google Shopping, Google Merchant Center, Facebook, Instagram Shopping, Pinterest Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Shopzilla, Criteo & more!



Our Feed Management Solution combines Powerful Data Transformation with Help & Advice so Merchants and their Agencies can be successful on Shopping Channels and Marketplaces.


DATA FEED WATCH head-to-head

DataFeedWatch will help you create, transform, and refresh your product feeds to get you the results you’re after. Discover how DataFeedWatch will serve you better than other feed management tools.

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April 12, 2013
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