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Leverage geo-pricing to increase profits with machine learning

About Darwin Pricing Geo

Expand your business : Keep high margins in your main market, and target promotions at the new regions and countries where you want to expand into.

Don't leave money on the table : Run promotions to get more sales, and turn them off automatically in high-income cities to increase your profit margins.

Capture more leads : Get new newsletter subscribers with an exit intent pop-up that promotes a coupon code to visitors who are in a hurry to leave.

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Geo-Pricing for Shopify

Make more money with geo-targeted sales campaigns. Automatic targeting optimization & high converting Exit Intent coupon box included!


  • Compete with local retailers & win: Make more profit automatically with geo-targeted sales campaigns optimized by our AI-powered geo-pricing engine!
  • Recover lost sales with exit offers: Give a personalized discount to visitors who were about to leave & get more orders instantly!
  • Grow your mailing list: Get social followers and newsletter sign ups with a customizable coupon box, optimized for smartphones & tablets!

Plug-and-play geo-pricing app for your Shopify store

Your free trial includes top-notch services provided by our amazing customer support:

  • Professional customization of your coupon box to match your storefront design
  • Implementation of all your geo-targeting needs beyond on-site promotions
  • Free one-on-one video session to get you started with geo-targeted sales campaigns

Installing the app is a matter of minutes and requires no technical skills at all: Just enter a coupon code and you will get your geo-targeted coupon box on your store instantly. We take care automatically of targeting the locations where you compete with local retailers who are selling at a lower price than you! And of course, you can also target your promotions manually at any country, region or city you like!

Easy installation, 100% risk-free and live on your store in minutes!

Geo-Targeted Coupon Box - Smart Promotions for Profit

Coupon boxes are a great way of improving your conversion rate. But obviously, giving away a discount to every customer has a cost. How can you boost your sales without leaving too much money on the table?

The Little Secret to Optimize your Sales

We've been running high-performance coupon boxes on hundreds of stores, measured the impact on conversions, analyzed tons of data and came to this simple conclusion: Knowing the physical location of your customers is the key to running the optimal sales campaigns.

And there are good reasons for that:

  • The degree of competition vary a lot from one city to another. Think about local retailers.
  • The standard of living vary as well, even within a single country. Think income inequality.
  • Online shoppers hate shipping costs! They won't buy outside of their region without a good reason.

The secret is to run geo-targeted sales campaigns, with a dynamic coupon box that only shows up on your store for customers living in specific physical locations.

Geo-targeted sales campaigns generate more revenue and profits than the traditional one-size-fits-all promotions. It is a fantastic sales booster, it's fun, and it even makes the world a better place!

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January 13, 2014
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