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Automate tracking number entry in PayPal to reduce holds.

About Cynkio ‑ PayPal Tracking Sync

Increase Your Store's Trust : Protect your cashflow by boosting trust with customers and with your payment gateway. Make sure shipping information is synced to PayPal.

Automate Tracking Number Entry : Send real-time tracking numbers to PayPal as soon as they are available in your store dashboard. Enjoy convenient, one-click installation.

Decrease Holds & Chargebacks : Focus on operating your business (or sipping your latte) while Cynkio guards your funds from prolonged reserves, disputes, and chargebacks.

Cynkio - Reduce PayPal Holds Chargebacks Tracking Number Sync

Keep PayPal Payment Reserves, Holds, and Chargebacks at Bay - Protect Your Cashflow

PayPal holds funds more often than they should, sometimes for up to 2 weeks or even longer.

It’s a lengthy and frustrating problem for everyone involved, especially you – the seller!

Use Cynkio to automatically sync tracking numbers to PayPal as soon as they are available, which will prevent holds and chargebacks. You can even see historical sync data from the past 60 days in your app dashboard to keep an eye on the details.

Cynkio helps you maintain best practices and keep a healthy relationship with your payment gateways.

Cynkio App Features:

  • Set up in one click by linking your payment gateway without a password or manual intervention.
  • Sync tracking numbers instantly and automatically to PayPal as soon as an order is fulfilled in your store dashboard.
  • Execute historical synchronization of tracking numbers from the past 60 days at no extra cost.
  • Filter details by name, tracking number, company status, or sync date.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy relationship with PayPal.
  • Earn immediate access to your funds.
  • Experience lower dispute rates and a higher win rates for occasional disputes.
  • Get tranquillity and peace of mind after the initial setup. No work is required, since Cynkio will operate in the background without any maintenance on your part.

Choose Seller-Friendly Tools

Many apps require you to add code to your theme files or call in for help with the initial configuration. Cynkio is designed for busy sellers -- we make the process as simple as possible to help you save time and increase cash flow so you can focus on growing your profits.

Cynkio offers English live chat support to help you set up or request assistance if needed. If you use a third party fulfillment service, for example, you may need to update your settings to enable tracking number sync across all platforms.

*Cynkio is not affiliated with PayPal.

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October 06, 2021
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