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Protect Photos, Disable Click, Block Countries & Add Watermark

About Pasilobus Armor | AntiTheft

Prevent Image & Content Theft : 20 Locks to choose from! Disable right-click, keyboard shortcuts & prevent bots.

Block Countries : Block visitors from certain countries. Or, block a certain visitor by their IP address.

Protect Copyright : Protect your images by adding Watermark against screenshot attempts.

All-in-one security management

Why Armor is the best!

Armor, formerly known as Photolock, was the first Shopify content security app developed in 2016. There were no premium features including ​​code protection, screenshot protection, and search engine locks available to Shopify merchants before. And we will continue to invest in our infrastructure to deliver more novel security solutions.

There is no need to install numerous apps to get country banning, age verification, and watermarking. Armor does it all for you. Just install Armor and you will have a firewall that works on the frontend of your website.


  • Google and other search engines favor original content. What happens if Google discovers that your material is the same as someone else's?
  • Browsers make it simple to download original images, so before you know it, your photographs are being used by someone else to boost their sales.
  • Clone shops and products are created in countries where copyright restrictions do not exist.

We are the solution!

Content Locks

  • Mouse Locks: Right Click Lock, Full-Screen Lock, Drag & Drop Lock
  • Keyboard Locks: Copy/Paste Lock, File Save Lock, Screenshot Lock
  • Screen Locks
  • Source Code Locks
  • Age Verification
  • Country Locks

Copyright Locks

  • Text and/or image watermark
  • Message warning & legal notice

Advanced Locks & Features

  • Search Engine Locks: Google, Bing…
  • Code Protection
  • Speed Optimizer
  • Remove Armor Branding
  • Image & Page Filters for easy management

Armor is available for use on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices!

Don't be afraid to ask for help or to provide a suggestion. We are open to your feedback. Go to Pasilobus to learn more!

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May 18, 2016
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