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Send thank you videos to your customers & drive repeat sales.

About Thank You Videos

Industry Leading Engagement : Personalised thank-you videos offer unique experiences that deliver significantly higher email open rates, click through rates & engagement.

Unique way to say thanks : Quickly send 1:1 videos that your customers will love, proven to drive more repeat orders at higher margins.

Awards Finalist : Australian CX (Customer Experience) Awards finalist for helping a winery increase their sales by 46%. Saying thanks is good business & fun!


What Is It?

CX Video is the easiest way to send 1:1 thank you video messages to your customers that increase customer loyalty and repeat sales.


"Our customers are blown away with the experience CX Video provides, and we are seeing the app benefit our bottom line too" - Koerner Wine

Why Use CX Video?

Video cuts through so much better than email, and using CX Video it is faster and cheaper than sending a hand written thank you note.

More than 80% of our emails are opened, and near 100% recipients click to watch your video.

This experience drives an uptick in repeat sales and better long term engagement with email & marketing automation initiatives.

Who Uses CX Video?

Any online retailer who wants their customers to form an emotional bond with their brand and what they sell, so they come back for more.

  • Wineries
  • Natural product retailers (soaps, candles etc)
  • Artisan food producers
  • Fashion & clothing
  • Homewares & gifting
  • Specialty retail such as hobby and creative stores
  • Artists and galleries
  • Charities

How it works

  • You make a sale on Shopify.
  • The CX Video mobile app gathers everything you need to know about the order to record a personal video for your customer.
  • You record your video for your customer, with no rehearsal nor research needed.
  • Your custom branded and watermarked video is sent privately to your customer for them to watch.
  • Your customer gets blown away with the best digital buying experience they have ever had.

Includes Companion Mobile App

The iOS and Android mobile app we provide enables you to record your messages where it makes the most sense such as:

  • your vineyard
  • your showroom
  • your physical store
  • your packing room
  • or even your kitchen

You decide which location works best for your customers, and leave the rest to us.

Cost Effective Production Of 1:1 Videos

The integration with Shopify enables you to see everything you need to know right in front of you while you record your message.

So zero research time, zero rehearsal time.

Other Features:

  • Send unlimited test videos to yourself
  • Complete branding control
  • Native IOS and Android apps
  • Customers watch videos from a unique landing page per message with your branding (like YouTube or Vimeo, but private) from any browser
  • Adaptive video bitrate streaming for optimal viewing, optimised to the bandwidth available
  • Messages sent from your email address (appear from your server)
  • 60 day video retention
  • Multiple users with flexibility in how thank you tasks are assigned to them (plan dependent)
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October 27, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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