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Import from Amazon, Aliexpress - FAST loading - SEO friendly

About Product Reviews by Omega

Increase Sales / Trust : It shows customer reviews and real shipped product's photos. It's powerful social proofs that boost your sales.

Fast and multi layouts : It loads instantly on product detail page. Many layouts to choose. CSS is customizable

Import reviews : You can import reviews from Amazon or Aliexpress. Great for dropshipping or if you sell through those channels already


You want your customers to easily find and select the right product without spending a lot of time. Your store will also rapidly increase sales and attract customers' views.

Enhance the prestige and quality of the shop.

App "Product Reviews" will be help you, clients just need a few minute to read the reviews about the products. They were able to easily to evaluation of product quality to choose the right product. And the product will be added to the cart immediately

Now you can stop searching! Product Reviews by Omega is the perfect app you need to do it!

What does Product Reviews by Omega do?

  • Review importing: You just need add the URL of the product you want to get reviews (Amazon, Aliexpress)
  • Advanced filter: You can filter by images or rating of the reviews when you getting
  • Show your product's avarage rating and reviews list on product detail page

Why Product Reviews by Omega?

  • It’s plain easy to use with no dead time
  • It works the way you want it to

Highlights Features:

  • Allow customer write review product.
  • Manage all reviews of each product in admin.
  • Easily change status of entire reviews by choose publish/unpublish or delete any reviews you want
  • Show avarage rating and reviews list on product detail page.
  • Sort reviews in list by number of thanks.
  • Show avarage rating for each product in collection page
  • Email alerts about new reviews so you can respond to feedback quickly.
  • Confirm email to reviewer when submit form.
  • Import product reviews from CSV file.
  • 100% mobile friendly app Customers who shop using their phones will see a phone or tablet optimized urgent widget for Android or iOS.

Change log:

  • Update version 2.0 (Nov 1,2018):

Remove simple Image Captcha, AJAX submit form. New function in backend: import product review from Amazon, AliExpress. Change backend UX.

  • Update version 1.4.0 (Jun 18,2018):

Remove Google ReCaptcha, use simple Image Captcha. New function in backend: import product review from XLSX file. Change backend UX with live layout preview.

  • Update version 1.3.0 (May 29,2018):

Improve app's performance with new JS Framework Show box badge of featured reviews. Bought products notification for customers to give reviews for these products.

  • Update version 1.2.1 (Jan 11,2018): Our app will install demo content when you install app.
  • Update version 1.2 (Dec 20,2017): Administrator can choose 1 in 2 layouts: Overstock or Collateral
  • Update version 1.1 (Dec 16,2017):

Added checking purchased customer and sort list by purchase Asking customer for recommend product Added vote down for review Administrator can choose 1 in 5 colors of star rating

About Omega:

Developers of Omega Team are very passionate to develop Shopify's solutions for integration. We are trying to develop amazing Shopify's apps for merchants.

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December 12, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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