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Increase sales with multiple targeted upsells at once

About Custo Cart

Run multiple offers at once : Increase sales by running multiple offers presented in a streamlined checkout process in the cart.

Increase average order value : Use targeted offers in the cart for upselling and cross selling to encourage customers to buy more

Customizable design : Easy to install app with no developer needed. Change the look and feel of the cart and progress bar to fit your store.

Easy to Install

Custo Cart is an easy-to-use upsell app to seamlessly communicate offers in your customers' cart without compromising your site's speed.

Eliminate the need for multiple apps and manage your promotions in one place. With Custo you can mix and match offers to see what converts best for your store and present them to customers in a simple drawer cart. Features:

  • Free Shipping
  • Tiered Discounts
  • Free Samples
  • Gift with Purchase
  • Bundling

Free Shipping

Set your free shipping threshold in Shopify and show customers how close they are to reaching it in a progress bar in the cart.

Tiered Discounts

Create multiple pricing tiers with increasing discounts based on higher purchase volume. Display tiers and discounts in a progress bar at the top of the cart so customers know how close they are to receiving the discount. Example: Create an offer that gives customers a 10% discount when they spend $100 or more. Create a second offer that gives customers a 20% discount when they spend $150 or more.

Free Samples

Allow customers to choose a free sample with their purchase. Your customer can select one free sample from a list of samples. These can be completely free or you can allow the customer to choose their sample when they meet a minimum threshold.

Gift with Purchase

Add a free gift to your customer’s cart. Once the customers meet the condition of your offer, the free gift will automatically be added to their cart. Example: Automatically give customers a free water bottle when they spend $100.

Build a Bundle

Boost sales and increase average order value by creating combinations of products that receive a discount when purchased together. Example: Create a bundle with three products and offer a 20% discount when they’re purchased together. The bundle will be displayed on the cart page and have its own product page showing the discounted price.

Cart Page Upsell Funnel

Our drawer-style cart streamlines the user experience with expertly placed visuals and offers. Show customers how close they are to reaching free shipping or a percentage discount with a progress bar. Offer bundles based on products they’ve added to their cart, and showcase a single or collections worth of free samples for them to choose from.

Other Features:

  • Customizable design - Custo Cart gives you complete control over the look and feel of your cart. Change colors, font sizes, and more!
  • Easy setup - Custo Cart is easy to install with no developer needed and minimal work on your end. Simply download the app and select “Install” to begin upselling to your customers.
  • Run your promotions efficiently - manage all your promotions in one place.
  • Fast customer support - Need help or have a question? Our team is readily available to assist with whatever inquiries you may have.
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Launch date
February 10, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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