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Auto Currency Converter & Switcher + Multi Currency Checkout

About Currency Converter Ultimate

Support Shopify Market : Supports for the Shopify multi-Currency checkout and Shopify Market for merchants who use the Shopify payment gateway. Internationalization.

Geolocation based currency : Detect shopper's geolocation and switch the currency to visitor's local currency. Smart currency detection available.

Latest currency exchange rates : Exchange rates get updated in hourly basis. However, Shopify multi-currency checkout users have to rely in Shopify exchange rates.

currency converter

Currency Converter Ultimate is the best currency converter app which is becoming increasingly popular for the display currency conversion and the checkout page currency conversion in 2022.

Unparalleled Usage

  • Supports Shopify Multi-currency Checkout / Shopify Market feature. A personalizable country switcher or currency switcher can be utilized based on the merchant’s preference to convert currency including the checkout page.
  • The display currency conversion for the merchants who are not using the Shopify payment gateway.
  • Internationalization
  • Simple to install and uninstall


  • Geolocation based currency switching
  • Hourly exchange rates by trusted financial data providers
  • Compatible with OS 2.0 themes and legacy themes
  • Multiple currency rounding methods
  • Free support to integrate the currency selecting dropdown to the desired menu
  • Smart currency dropdown; Ability to set visitor's local currency + a set of currencies you've selected.
  • One-click uninstall

Supports Shopify Market feature

All the merchants who are using the Shopify payment gateway, can use the multi-currency checkout feature. A customizable country switcher or currency switcher is available for you to choose from. We are proud to mention that KILATECH is the first to offer this flexibility to merchants.

100% Transparent Policy

Currency Converter Ultimate app’s installation process is simple and automatic. It does not insert code snippets into the theme code. Therefore, merchants do not have to be hesitant about persistent code changes.

Our Perspective

We use to think from our users' perspective when designing the currency converter app and offering support associated. We always try to go beyond and above our customers' expectations. Do not trust our word. Trust the heartfelt feedback given by our merchants. It is almost 5 stars with 200+ reviews in 2022.

Customer Support

Your support queries are handled by the developer himself. Therefore, merchants get the opportunity to communicate with the developer directly and get things done exactly the way they wish.

If you found any problem with our currency converter app, please disable it from the theme editor and let us know. We’ll resolve the problem shortly.

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October 10, 2019
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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