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Automated currency converter on-the-fly

About Currencify

Super Fast : We keep it simple and efficient to maximize your reward, with no effort or clicks required from your customer.

Proven Technology : Utilising the latest & greatest technology, from API's to databases in order to deliver the best solution.

Smart Converter : Currency conversions happen behind the scene with the latest rates, in order for your customer's experience to not be interrupted.

All in one currency converter

Currencify - Automated Currency Converter

Enhance your customers experience on your store by delivering prices in their local currency.

Without asking the customer to choose a currency or engaging them in unnecessary steps, we handle converting all prices using the latest and up to date rates, behind the scenes to allow your customer to focus on what they do best, shopping!

⊛ Over 170 Countries covered

⊛ Currency Symbols included

⊛ Conversion speed of up to 0.1 seconds

⊛ Automated Background Conversions

⊛ Selection-free / Hassle-free currency conversions

⊛ Optimised and Smart currency conversion delivery

⊛ 24/7 Customer Support

⊛ 10 minutes average response rate

This app is guaranteed to deliver you customer satisfaction which will inevitably result in more sales.

If you've tried other currency converters you'll know that there's always a catch, or additional steps that are required before the user can view the prices in their currency.

Not with Currencify - as the name suggests it's all taken care of behind the scenes for your customer, with little to no setup (depending on your live theme), sit back and let the app do the work for you!

We'll be adding features in the near future, so feel free to drop us a message with suggestions!

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Launch date
April 26, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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