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Create shipping labels : GLS, PPL, Zásilkovna, Packeta, Coletaria, FanCourier, UrgentCargus, Posta Romana, DPD, Bookurier, NemoExpress, Sameday, DHL, PBH, Econt.

Create invoices : Connect your store with SmartBill or FGO to issue your invoices with ease. Export your orders to SAGA accounting tool. Sync warehouse stock.

Advanced tools : Validate shipping address within Romania. Use calculated rates to avoid high shipping fees to remote locations.

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Create shipping labels with your local shipping carrier with a few clicks. Process orders with xConnector, and the tracking information will be automatically sent back to your store; no need to copy/paste order information between your store and courier websites.

Courier integrations

  • GLS for Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • DPD for Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
  • Packeta, Csomagkuldo, Zasilkovna, Coletaria - CZ, HU, DE, PL, RO, SK
  • Fan Courier
  • Cargus
  • Posta Romana
  • Dragon Star Curier
  • Bookurier
  • Nemo Express
  • DHL Express
  • Sameday / Easybox
  • Econt Bulgaria
  • Speedy Bulgaria
  • PPL
  • Pošta bez hranic PBH
  • Innoship
  • Allpacka / Pactic
  • Postis
  • Speedex GR
  • Memex
  • eMag

Invoicing services integrations

Create invoices together with your shipping labels with your favorite invoicing service. Create bulk invoices for your orders.

  • SmartBill ( with warehouse stock sync )
  • FGO
  • BillingoHU
  • SAGA


  • Update your Shopify product stock from one or multiple SmartBill warehouses
  • Download invoice - automatically link invoice documents to Shopify notifications sent to the customer.
  • Import cash on delivery (ramburs) files from carriers. This reconciliation process will match the orders based on the order reference number and the total price, update Shopify's status to PAID,, and create payments for the invoices issued for each order.
  • Validate shipping addresses in Romania
  • Get suggestions to correct the shipping addresses in Romania
  • Export order information to the SAGA invoicing app

  • Fulfilment tracking gets the tracking information for all your open fulfillments from the carrier website. xConnector will send the tracking information to your Shopify store, which will be used for customer notifications or update the order status automatically when the shipment is delivered.

  • Phone number validation

  • Get calculated rates on checkout from your carrier service based on your negotiated rates

  • Mobile application for picking - scan your shipping labels to show the order details; scan the product barcodes to validate the order content. It runs on Android devices with support for Zebra Android scanners.

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August 09, 2018
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