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About Crossing Minds

Increase AOV & Conversions : Dramatically improve your revenue & KPIs. Our customers see a major increase in conversion rate, add to cart, AOV & CTR.

Personalization at Every Step : Target new users with relevant products. Add personalized recommendations to your homepage, product page, cart, checkout, and email.

Customization & Business Rules : Create custom business rules and A/B tests to constantly improve your user experience and help them buy more of what they love.

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Crossing Minds enables Shopify stores to create engaging, personalized shopping experiences by deploying highly relevant recommendations. Founded by world-renowned AI pioneers including Sebastian Thrun (founder of Google X, Udacity), Crossing Minds is committed to providing the smartest recommender system with cookie-free GDPR compliance.

We’re laser-focused on boosting your metrics:

Make massive improvements to conversion rate, AOV, customer retention, email CTR, site SEO, and more.

Leverage personalization throughout your customer’s journey

  1. Add a “For You” carousel on your homepage to increase conversions. Even if it’s a new user, Crossing Minds uses contextual signals to show product recommendations to individual customers.
  2. Cross-sell using a “Frequently Purchased Together” carousel on your product page. These recommendations are proven to increase order value.
  3. Cross-sell using a “You May Also Like” carousel in your shopping cart. This uses the items in the cart to provide even better product suggestions.
  4. Upsell using a “Similar Items” carousel on your product page. This increases average cart value by showing the most relevant products.
  5. Add product recommendations to your marketing emails. When a known user abandons your store, send them an email with highly relevant products.

Works with new & unknown customers

For many Shopify stores, the majority of traffic is from new users. However, providing relevant recommendations for new users can be very challenging. Using contextual and behavioral data, Crossing Minds provides highly relevant recommendations even for new customers!

True personalization in real-time

We provide better results with real-time AI recommendations that are unique to each customer, which are constantly updated based on how they interact with your store.

Powerful customization tools for every situation

Growing businesses have evolving needs. The Crossing Minds dashboard was built for scaling businesses, allowing you to customize every aspect of the carousels that appear

Your store is unique. Our Implementation Team will optimize for your needs

We make setup easy, and our team will support you 110% of the way. Every Shopify store is unique, which is why our Implementation Team of engineers and Machine Learning experts will optimize the app for your specific needs.

We’re transparent about effectiveness

We run ongoing A/B tests, and we’re transparent about results. That way, you can always measure the effectiveness of your recommendations.

GDPR compliant. No cookies, ever.

We’re committed to meeting the highest standard for user privacy. We never use cookies, which means you don’t have to worry about GDPR compliance.

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March 31, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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