Shopify App : AI‑led Cross‑Channel Marketing

Launch Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads in one place

About AI‑led Cross‑Channel Marketing

Unified Advertising : Launch profitable campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram from a simplified, unified, and easy-to-use mobile and web platform.

AI-driven Advertising : Launch product ad campaigns in 1-click! From creatives, audience targeting to budgeting and tracking, everything is automated.

Free Analytics : Get started for free and access unlimited analytics for your Store. Keep track of existing ad campaigns and store’s sales performance.


Effortlessly advertise your products across channels’s AI-led Cross-Channel Marketing app lets you run profitable ad campaigns for your Shopify products across the following ad networks...

Widen your advertising activities across

  • Google -Search Network, Shopping Network, and Display Network
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Audience Network (a growing network of high-quality mobile apps and websites)

Get on board with the smartest cross-channel advertising app for your Shopify Store, and create AI-driven ad campaigns at scale for your products. Reach new audiences, increase relevant traffic on your Shopify Store, and boost orders on your Store.

All of this in the minimal effort!

You don’t need to have expertise in advertising. Neither do you need an understanding of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Everything is automated through our Artificial Intelligence-driven advertising app!

Smart Creatives - Attract maximum eyeballs

Skip the hassle of creating ad creatives for tens and hundreds of products. Compelling ad copies are auto-created with continuously optimized keywords. Beautification of product images is done to give a superlative presentation.

1-Click Campaign Launches - As simple as it sounds

Skip the various steps in creating an ad campaign like audience selection, budget and bid settings, placement selection, etc. ... Launch your campaigns in a single click!

Intelligent Audience Targeting

The smart app automatically chooses the most relevant audiences for your ad campaigns. Audience sets are created and constantly optimized based on the data-driven selection of demographics, interests, and behaviors.

AI-driven Optimizations across the channels

Monitoring and fixing campaigns is tiring and time-consuming. Let AI do the hard work for you as it optimizes ad copies, budget distribution, audience targeting, ad delivery among hundreds of other 24-7 improvements.

Smart, Actionable Analytics - Achieve more by doing lesser

Keep a track of your campaigns with intuitive charts, graphs, and summaries. Get Hygiene Alerts and Growth Suggestions to fix your ad accounts and campaigns in 1-click!

Get started for free and enjoy Unlimited Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and insights on your existing Google and Facebook campaigns, and store performance.

3 simple steps to launch AI-driven advertising for your Shopify Store

  1. Install the AI-led Cross-Channel Marketing app.
  2. Link your Facebook and Google Ad Accounts.
  3. Launch Campaigns in a single click!

That’s it. Sit back and relax, while our AI-driven app gets you boosted traffic and transactions.

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November 03, 2016
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