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SMS Marketing for Creators to Sell on behalf of Brands

About CreatorCart

Increase Conversion : CreatorCart drives shoppers to SMS for conversational commerce and curated micro-sites.

Retargeting of Shoppers : Apples privacy laws prevent retargeting of customers landing on your e-comm. CreatorCart allows for retargeting of interested customers.

Overwhelming SKU Selection : Cart abandonment is a huge issue for eComm brands. CreatorCart allows creators to select their favorite SKUs for easy one-click-checkout.

CreatorCart Flow

Pain points CreatorCart is solving for merchants:

  • Losing pixel tracking opportunity because of Apple privacy changes
  • Cart abandonment when driving to Ecomm
  • No retargeting opportunities for interested shoppers

What is CreatorCart?

CreatorCart enables creators to communicate directly with their audience via SMS and drive sales for brands with curated microsites and one-click checkout.

We are developing tools that allow for more authentic connections outside the 'image building' social platforms. A solution that allows creators to truly share anything they recommend without the boundaries of brands' walled gardens, and a cart that allows shoppers to religiously follow hassle-free.

Why Now?

We are in the era of the creator economy and social commerce. The way we utilize social media has changed from all of us posting about ourselves to all of us following a select number of interesting people that are impacting our decisions in all parts of life. Creators are seeking new ways more than ever to be independent of brand sponsorships.

We already know we are ready to shop digitally. But the next thing we seek will be to shop with authentic connections. We will transform how we purchase, from traditional influencer marketing and store-driven carts to a creator-curated shopping experience.

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September 07, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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