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Don't let your customers forget about you. Come back users

About Cozy Recover Sales By Tab

Recover Sales : It reminds the customer that tab is open and if he has added anything in the cart, these sales are recovered easily.

Increase Conversion : This is simple yet powerful app to remind customer to come and turn into buyers

Increase Sales : App brings back customers which increases the sales


Cozy Recover Sales by Tab bring back customers by tactfully changing the title of the bar with a predefined message as well as an icon. In the world of distraction, it is easy for your potential customer to get distracted and browser a different store or a social media site. Cozy Recover Sales by Tab will try to bring back these customers by gaining their attention and hence increase the conversion.

Why should you use this app?

Increase the Conversion

By gaining attention, it is constantly reminding the customer that he has a tab open and hence customer will more likely to finish the purchase.

Recover Sales

Most of the time customers add stuff to the cart but then forgets the tab, app will attempt to recover sales from such customers.


Typewriting text effect on Page Title

The message you will choose will have typewriting effect on the title.

Scrolling text effect on Page Title

The message on the page title will have scrolling effect.

10+ Professional icons

There are a lot of icons to choose from. Every store has a different flavor.

Change's back the Page Title

App is smart enough to change the title of page back to the relevant title of the page once visitor has come back to your store.

Fully Customisation of Text

You can change text to display and it isn't predefined.

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July 22, 2019
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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