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Add Countdown Timer your Store & generate Urgency. More Sales!

About Sales Countdown Timer by TS

Perfect for Sales and Holydays : Most of Sales or Holiday Sales ends in a specific Date. Let your customers know that this price will not be there forever. * Take Action! *

More Purchases. Now! : Customers tend to be lazy to buy. By showing the Timer you create Urgency and Visitors tend to Complete Purchases as soon as possible.

Zero Maintenance;ZERO coding : Don't waste your time creating Timers every day. The Sales Countdown Timer has an option Always ON. Improve Conversion Rate every day!

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CHRISTMAS READY: Your best urgency and scarcity app to get the most out of the upcoming Christmas holyday!

Boosts Your Sales Up just using the Power of Urgency and Scarcity that Revy Countdown Timer provides.

What happens every day in your store:

Shoppers have a natural tendency to delay the purchasing decision as long as possible. The vast majority of shoppers that leave your product page will never return. This abandonment means their cash isn’t going into your pocket.

Use Revy Timer to:

  • Create Timers that end in Holidays, perfect for Chrismas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, New Year etc.
  • Promote your Top Selling product
  • Promote All Your Products (exclusive feature)
  • Create Sales / Promotions / Holyday Sales
  • Makes your Store more Dynamic and beautiful

Make your Customers Take Action As Soon as Possible

New features: 1. Improve Product Picker, now is very easy to create Timers that appear in certain products! 2. Added Progress Bar with Effect to improve Urgency 3. Use the Timer on any Page of your Store including Home Page, with Custom Place Timer. 4. Added Text Options: Italic and Bold Font 5. Improve UI of the app 6. Improved Performance to make it Super Fast to load 7. Added Classic Theme, now you can choose between multiple themes 8. Added Labels - Translate the timer to whatever language you want 9. Added Date/Time Calendar to make easier create Timer for specific dates like BlackFriday, CyberMonday, Christmas, etc. 10. Add Timers in Custom Places, like Home Page, Collection Page, Common Pages, etc. You can put a Timer in any page of your Store!

Why Revy Countdown Timer App works?

  • Boost your sales with the power of Urgency and Scarcity
  • Match your Brand, font, and website colors with full customization
  • Install and Setup in less than 3 minutes. Increase Your Conversion Rate Forever.
  • Works Perfectly on Mobile. Optimized for small screens.
  • Refined Design, that will not mess up with your store design
  • Fits on Small and Big Stores.
  • Zero Maintenance: Setup a Timer to restarts when ends.
  • Perfect for Holyday Promotions: A MUST-TO-HAVE Shopify App for holidays like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

The best countdown timer for Shopify. Revy Countdown Timer is Bold Awesome, generating more sales and promoting the products without maintenance. More Sales every day: Holyday Sales, Black Friday Sales, Christmas Sales, etc.

Integrates well with your shopify theme, zero coding required, just install and start using Sales Countdown Timer Today!

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September 13, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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