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About Featured Products Bar

Built for Mobile 1st : Your customers go crazy for stories, give the Instagram stories experience that don't expire, which will turn your visitors to customers.

Fast Checkout : Smartest and the fastest way to get your customers to checkout. Let your customers purchase directly from the stories.

Increase Conversion : Increase sales by showcasing the products, that you want your customers to discover in the way you want them to find.


Craft stunning Stories for your online store that doesn’t expire, and let your customers shop directly from the stories.

Why Coverstories?

Stories as a format have brought the biggest shift in consumer behaviour digitally.

More Personal:

Stories are inherently more personal because they only facilitate direct communication between you and your customer. When a customer looks at a product feed there are lots of things that compete for their attention. With Coverstories, there's almost nothing else on the screen and they are totally immersed in the experience.

Mobile First:

Ecommerce stores were designed at the time when the desktop was much bigger than mobile. Stories are the first true smartphone media format. And they are becoming the dominant format of the future.

Consumers have less time and shorter attention spans than ever:

With coverstories you can bring Instagram like stories experience that engage users with information about your product and lets them directly shop from the stories, resulting in higher conversion.

Give the visibility your product deserves:

Normally you can display a maximum of 4 products, at the 1st scroll on your home page and most of your users drop off after the 2nd or 3rd scroll which highly limits your product discoverability. With Coverstories you do not have such limitations as you can add several products in one story and drive traffic towards the products that you want the customer to explore.

Get more out of your paid traffic:

You spend your hard-earned dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads to drive new users to your stores. They are also the ones that can easily be distracted and drop off if they are not engaged immediately. With Coverstories, they are engaged immediately in a Stories format and get to see more options with no or minimal effort, ending up spending more time on your website.

Stories Analytics:

Get to know how Stories perform for you and analytics on views, engagements, and clicks.

How does it work?

Step 1: Upload an image: you can reuse the content which you created for Instagram stories or posts.

Step 2: Tag a product

Step 3: Publish!

Your visitors can see your uploaded image in a Stories format and purchase the product you tagged from the stories itself.


  • Increase user engagement
  • Increase revenue per visit
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase time on site
  • Decrease bounce and exit rates
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January 22, 2020

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