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Make your customers become your free ads!

About Coupon Club‑Social E‑Commerce

Advertising benefits : In order to get more exposure of our brand, we give out coupons to encourage customers to share with their friends.

Capture more visitor : Sell more by engaging your website visitors with user-friendly popups.

Gain more customers : Make consumption more fun with gamification in Facebook Messenger.


Learn about Chinese e-commerce operations and make socializing a new way for e-commerce growth.

With the development of technology, Internet has gradually been accepted by the public as a new life style. The prosperous growth of Internet industry has turned the market into a more competitive environment, which caused the investment of online advertisement became more difficult to contribute its return.

Therefore, the most valuable assistance we can offer is to help you gain more customers with consistently exposure of your brand. Based on Messenger, the popular communication app of Facebook, people could gain more discounts through sharing posts with their friends.

Worry about affecting your user conversions?

We use pop-ups to provide you a simple but efficient way to converse visitors into your customers. Based on the most popular social media, we encourage users to share the commercial post and interact with their friends to get a higher discount rate. For the friends who helped and viewed their posts, will also get the opportunities to win the best discount for themselves. Users will have the access to monitor the actions of the viewers they shared with, as well as the increment of the discounts rate they are given. Users will have the determined discount rate when they decide to stop sharing.

The social marketing promotions as we introduced above has been well adopted by Alibaba, and other well-known Internet companies in China. Now you have a free 21days trial to test it out! Go ahead and register with us!

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January 13, 2020

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