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Set different prices for different countries & localize store

About Chaos Country Based Pricing

Custom Prices by Country : Charge custom prices by country. Start making more money, boost your global conversions, & save the cost of opening multiple stores.

Increase Traffic & Sales : The prices will automatically show in the local currency using an IP-based geolocation service. Creates a smoother experience for customers.

Local Pages & Announcements : Offer a more localized experience for your customers by displaying different pages & announcement bars customized for specific countries.


Localize the Shopping Experience Based on Country Easily

The app lets you quickly sell your products at different prices for different countries. Recover your shipping costs and taxes where needed and thus increase your sales. The app will automatically detect the visitor’s location and display the following for that respective country: all pricing you have set in local currency, pages, and announcements. This creates a localized experience for customers and increases conversions. The app also saves you the cost of multiple Shopify stores and expands your customer base.

Want to charge $100 for a product in the US but need to charge more in the UK because of shipping or taxes or customs or just to earn more or any other reason? Country Based Pricing makes this easy!

Country Based Pricing lets you:

  • Increase your revenue and international customer base across borders without the fuss of managing multiple stores and extra costs.
  • Offer a more personalized experience to your global audience and start improving visitor engagement.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Manage country specific inventory.
  • Set different prices for different countries!
  • Set product prices inclusive of shipping charges and/or taxes based on the country. Then offer free international shipping!
  • Automatically show the set prices in the customer’s local currency.
  • Display different informational pages for different countries (Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, FAQ, etc.) so the customer sees only the relevant information.
  • Display different announcements for different countries.
  • Match your store’s style in the currency menu and announcement bars.

Ways to use Country Based Pricing:

  • Sell a product in the US for $100 and in the UK for £110.
  • Redirect US customers to the page that displays information specific to US shipping; redirect UK customers to the UK shipping page.
  • Use the announcement bar to announce new arrivals in US; announce free shipping in UK.

How Country Based Pricing works:

  • The app allows you to price each product at multiple prices for different countries in the local currency.
  • The prices that you have set for each country automatically show in the local currency using an IP-based geolocation service.
  • The different prices are set by creating product variants.
  • At checkout, the order amount will be processed in the currency selected if using Shopify Payments. Otherwise, the order amount will be processed in the default store currency.
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February 05, 2021
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