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Cookie Banner for cookie management. Cookie Banner GDPR/DSGVO

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Cookie Banner : Cookie Banner and Tracking Scripts for all scripts such as: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Pinterest.

GDPR compliant Cookie Banner : GDPR-compliant in just a few minutes without prior knowledge. Integrate cookie consent, store tracking scripts and become compliant.

Cookie Banner Customization : Easily design and customise your Cookie Banner message. Your GDPR Cookie Consent banner appears on your Shopify shop.


Cookie Consent - Cookie Banner, GDPR Compliant

Our cookie banner covers all requirements of the DSGVO and the European GDPR, which are necessary for the operation of your shop in Germany and Europe.

The app complies with the general regulations for the use of a cookie banner:

  1. prevents the setting of cookies to which the shop visitor has not consented.

  2. prevents the setting of cookies and all javascripts that are used for tracking.

  3. Respects the privacy of the shop visitor.

  4. external third-party scripts such as live chats, tracking scripts, heat maps, etc. can be easily integrated and are only loaded if the shop visitor agrees.

With the integration of the Cookie Consent App, your Shopify shop becomes DSGVO compliant. Our app guides you easily through the set-up process and should you ever need further help or support, our developer team is there to help and advise you. The General Data Protection Regulation is a complex topic, we have read up on the subject for you and adapted our app to the current legal situation. So you can take care of the essentials, your online shop. Our app is hosted in Germany to guarantee you a flawless service.

  • The app is easy to install.

  • Guides you quickly through the installation process.

  • No code necessary. The app does everything automatically.

  • Cookie scan for automatic cookie collection.

  • Customisable design with a customiser like you know it.

Features summarised:

  • Fully customisable design.
  • Logo, texts, links and size customisable
  • Pre-setting for opt-in and opt-out
  • Free declaration of cookies
  • Multilingual support through Language Apps
  • 22 preselectable shop languages
  • Support of Facebook Pixel
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Support for Google Tag Manager
  • Support for Google AdWords
  • Support for Pinterest Tag
  • Support for Tiktok
  • Support for Snapchat
  • Support for Hotjar
  • Support for all third-party scripts

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May 26, 2021
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