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Protection App. Protect Images Content Text & Block Country

About Disable Right Click AntiTheft

Protect Store Assets : Disable Right Click AntiTheft app prevents intentional violation of your copyright as screen-shot, download, keyboard shortcuts & Dev Tools.

Block Country : Block access from certain countries to stop unfair competition caused by spams, hacks, cheats and stealing your work.

Quick & Easy to Setup : Activate immediately after turning on a few toggles. Also, it works with any customized themes and easily friendly interface for users!

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  • Public information such as images or written work in stores can be stolen easily.
  • Original images and content are valuable digital assets that must be well-protected to prevent replication.
  • Search engines prize stores with higher ranking for original content, duplicated work will definitely impact your SEO performance, especially on Google.
  • Because there are various ways to violate your copyright, you will need a comprehensive solution to avoid fraudulent practices.

Effectively and Thorough Solution

'Disable Right Click AntiTheft' app helps you protect your content, images, text, and all your store assets!

Protect your store only in a few seconds!

After the installation of the app, everything you need is to go to the app dashboard and toggle on settings which you wish to protect. It takes only a few seconds!


  • Protect Text & Images
  • Disable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Disable Print Page (ctrl/cmd + P)
  • Disable Inspect Elements/Developer's Tools (F12)
  • Disable Right Click
  • Disable Selenium Access
  • Work with all themes
  • Block Country
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Work on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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September 21, 2022
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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