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Connect & automate workflows between store and other platforms

About Connectify

Platform Integrations : Connectify connects your Shopify data to other platforms within minutes. Platforms which we support include Google Sheets and slack.

Trigger & Automate You Flow : Trigger events based on actions within Shopify. You have the ability to decide which actions will be sent to 3rd party platforms.

Log, Export & Reference : Events are logged and can be reviewed, exported and printed for future review and use. Complete Logging Supported!


Connectify simplifies your work and life by becoming the personal assistant you never knew you needed! Get automatic and seamless notifications of workflow and activities across all your connected platforms. You’ll immediately know when someone places an order from your online store, every time a customer signs up, and if a product is updated in your store. Connectify can import all your order details into Google Sheet to efficiently maintain your inventory and track all orders. After setting up your webhook triggers and connecting them with your chosen platforms, your tasks are conducted automatically. The admin interface is simple, elegant, and easy to use.


A webhook is a “user-defined HTTP callback”; in layman’s terms, it’s a beautifully simple way to get notified whenever any kind of new event occurs across your platform. By connecting different webhooks with the platforms of your choice, you create “triggers” which activate those webhooks whenever an event occurs (e.g., the creation of a customer account or a product’s update). You get invaluable information using Connectify webhook triggers, including:

  • Whenever a customer creates an account or purchases any product from your store
  • Whenever a new product is added or deleted from the customer’s cart
  • Whenever a customer proceeds to the checkout point
  • And so much more!


Events are the activities that occur across the store—e.g., when a customer places an order or a merchant adds a location. Once you install the Connectify App and integrate it into your Shopify store, use the trigger webhooks for different purposes. For example, if you want to connect with Google excel sheets, paste the spreadsheet link by following internal documentation into the app.That’s it! You’re now able to import your desired data.


You can easily keep track of all the events using Connectify Logs. Your log section contains the history of all past and current activity, and furthermore shows if and when your data has been successfully forwarded to other platforms.


We have added multiple connectors (or “platforms”) for you to use according to your needs. Our first two are:

Google Sheets

Integrate this versatile spreadsheet program with Shopify to import all the data you need. Create a complete data backup of your store so that you can share it with your vendors if you want to. It’s super handy to keep a record of your customers and business, even if just for personal organizational purposes!


Backup all your store data into remote MySQL databases or forward webhooks directly to custom CRMs/Urls with no need of developing your own private apps.

Integrates with

Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, Twilio, Hubspot, Quickbooks Online, Mysql

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Launch date
January 19, 2021

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