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Personalize real-time recommendations, merchandising search

About AlgonomyConnect

Low Effort : Need little to no effort from your team. Remove dependency on your third party agencies & your resources for regular updates to catalog data

Better Control : Better control and visibility on the catalog integration process

Faster Onboarding : we’ll get your catalog up and running in a few days!


Algonomy Connectors provides an easy way to integrate your stores in e-commerce marketplaces with Algonomy StreamingCatalog.

Algonomy Connectors enable you to send updates pertaining to the new products or changes to the existing products with Algonomy in near real-time. For instance, whenever there is an availability update on any product in e-commerce marketplaces, it will be recorded and pushed to the Streaming API through Algonomy Connectors with the help of Webhooks.

Algonomy Connectors helps you to

  1. Syncs store data such as Orders, Customers, and Products

  2. Graphically maps store data to any other data format in minutes.

  3. Automates data exchange between the store and Algonomy Products (Search, Recommendation and advanced merchandising).

"Data collected is utilized to complete the linkage between search, navigation, content and personalized recommendation which then work in real time to enhance digital shopping experience. This ensures seamless experience across different touchpoints to enhance customer demand."

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Launch date
July 20, 2022

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