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E-commerce Benchmarking Tool from Conjura

With access to 1000s of data points from across the e-commerce industry this self-serve report highlights your businesses strengths and weaknesses compared to the market; enabling you to generate and validate strategies tailored for growth.

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What you can expect:

Reveal unit economics - See what drives revenue, margin, repeat purchase, average order value and customer lifetime value Industry benchmarking - Compare key metrics to industry benchmarks and estimate future scalability Discover key opportunities - Rank opportunities based on commercial impact to drive growth

How it works:

  1. When you login first you will be asked to authorise Conjura to retrieve data from your company Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook and Shopify accounts. Each authorisation takes less than five minutes and just a few simple clicks.

  2. Then a small wait, it takes us a while to collect the data and build your Benchmark Report. This can be up to 12 hours, but we don't expect you to sit and watch us work, we will send you an email when we have finished and your report is ready to view.

  3. On your return you will find the Benchmark Report by clicking "Report" from the menu. This opens initially on the Sales tab, telling you how your business in performing from a sales perspective. Clicking the other tabs allows you to view metrics in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Customer. Each numeric metric has a corresponding benchmark and benchmark values are shown on all the line and bar charts.

Benchmark Report Insights

These enable you to compare your performance with other online retailers, choosing to filter yields benchmarks that are specific to your product segment and geography as well as comparing your with other online retailers with a similar Average Order Value. Our benchmarks generated from data collected from thousands of data points collected from hundreds of online retailers.

This tool enables a data driven approach to shaping your strategy in the ever competitive landscape of online selling. Seeing where you are ahead of the market will help identify where you are outperforming, knowing where you are behind will enable you to identify opportunities to optimise and unlock potential value.

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March 31, 2022
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