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Add interactive hotspots to your images with custom text.

About Image Hotspot

Adds Interactivity : With the Image Hotspot app, you can add interactivity to your website and make boring, static images more engaging.

Does Not Obstruct Images : The Image Hotspot app allows you to add as much text as you’d like to your image without obstructing it.

Keeps Focus On The Image : By keeping the text hidden, the Image Hotspot enables you to keep the customer’s focus on the image.

Increase Engagement With Interactive Image Hotspot

About The Image Hotspot App

The Image Hotspot app is a tool that enables you to add informative text to any image in an elegant and minimal fashion. The app is fully customizable and easily managed via the drag and drop function and as such, it opens up new, creative ways of delivering information. You can use various icons for your hotspots to complement your design and to bring your still images to life.

Key Features

  • Full Customization Options: The Image Hotspot app features full customization options that will allow you to take full control of the visual aspects of the app. And, with a variety of 10 lovely icons, you can easily make it fit any design direction you choose.
  • Fully Responsive: The Image Hotspot app is fully responsive and will fit any device. In a mobile-first world, this feature is important and will enable you to reach a wider audience.
  • Linkable & Clickable: You can make your image hotspot clickable, and link it to any URL you'd like, thereby increasing conversions through better and easier navigation.
  • Easy to Use: It is very easy to use the Image Hotspot app and place it anywhere on the image via an easy drag-and-drop action. Simply click and drag to your desired position.
  • 10 Awesome Icon Options: The Image Hotspot features 10 lovely icons that can be applied to any design direction.
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December 07, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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