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Auto sort products in collections with analytics

About Ouitez: Collection Sort

Auto Sort Collections : Automatically sort products in various ways: Customized sort type or Highest revenue, Most views, Highest add to carts, ... etc

Multi Drag and Drop Products : Multi-select / drag and drop products wherever you want in collections and lock positions of featured products

Push Up and Down Products : Push down out of stock products to the bottom. Push up new, featured, or restocked products to the top automatically

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Bring Relevance and Focus to your Collections

Getting your collections right is important as visitors will spend limited time on your store. Collection Sort automates and schedules sorting your collections using data driven insights for most impact.

1. Collection Sort

You can sort products in various ways and also determine when to auto-sort your collections.

It can sort products in collections. * Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly

Automatically sort and order your products by: (50 Different Sort Types!)

  • Highest revenue, Highest add to carts, Most views, Conversion rate
  • Tags (Specific tags and order)
  • Highest inventory
  • Margin, True Margin
  • Randomly
  • Variant stock ratio
  • Newest and Oldest (Published Date)
  • and more

Create your own unique "Custom sort type". * Apply multiple sort types one by one to collections, create sort type with tags, titile, ..etc, * Display products one after another. (e.g. Product A, Product B, Product A, Product B) * Give different weights to sort types / custom sort type that works the best for your store!

Additional sort options (for each collection):

  • Push down out of stock / sold out products to the bottom
  • Push up new & restocked products to the top
  • Return restocked products to their previous positions
  • Push up / down featured products
  • Lock positions of the products (e.g. put your featured products at the top while sorting the rest based on sort type)
  • Select multiple products and place them wherever you want with a single drag and drop
  • Export / Import sort order

Would you like to sort products for a specific collection? You can do it with just a single click on "sort now".

If you want to update sort settings for your entire collections, you can do it with "Mass Update" feature. With a single click, you can update the settings for the entire collections.

2. Sort collections in a Grid View

You can manually sort your collections in a grid view using multi-drag and drop feature.

3. Product group

Define product group with products and you can always show the similar products next to each other in collections. Also, you can treat them as featured products.

3. Gain Insight on what collections are performing the best

In Dashboard, you can discover trends over the last 90 days for the top 5 collections. See all the details including views, add to carts, ... etc.

4. Leverage data / insights for higher sales

With one single click, you can connect your Google Analytics account to Collection Sort and leverage data to sort products for your collections.

5. Superior Customer Service / Support

We want you to be successful. Feel assured that we will regularly update our apps and add additional functionality over time. If you have any trouble using our apps, please contact us!

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November 22, 2019
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