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Vendor payouts - autopay revenue to creators of products

About CollabPay ‑ Split Profits

Autopay collaborators/vendors : Save time, money and effort & let CollabPay automatically payout earnings to your vendors, creators & collaborators.

Avoid human error : Stop wasting time doing the calculations and payouts yourself. Use the extra time saved from CollabPay to build your business!

Calculate earnings & report : Clearly see how much profit your collaborators have earned & how much will automatically be paid to them.

PayPal Stripe coming soon Multi-currency International Prices Point of sale WooCommerce soon

Automatically split profits & pay earnings to your store owners, product creators, collaborators or vendors.

CollabPay suits anyone who says yes to these questions:

  • Did you create products with other people?
  • Do you need multi-vendor commission reports?
  • Do you need to automatically pay someone their cut of the sale?
  • Do you have vendors or partners you need to pay?
  • Want to automatically calculate and pay your product creators without wasting valuable time?

CollabPay is what you're looking for to automate your calculation and payment process. There's no need to do it manually anymore, saving you a bunch of valuable time or potential mistakes from human error.

Use as a profit calculation tool

You can also use CollabPay as a profit calculation tool. Allowing you to then manually pay your Collaborators and mark the payouts as "Paid".


Save valuable time & money by letting CollabPay calculate and pay your product creators. Now you don't need to pay an accountant or payroll company to do this for you. Simply install the app, setup your collaborators and assign a percentage or flat-fee to them from the revenue of your products. * Save valuable time by automating the payment process * No headaches - no need to do manual calculations * Avoid human error mistakes * Save money by not needing accountants and payroll to do the tasks


  • Safely connect & autopay using PayPal
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Mark payouts as paid - pay your own way
  • Exclude or include tax & shipping from commissions
  • Easily add collaborators to products in a few clicks
  • Statistics reporting
  • Set the percentage or flat-fee for collaborators
  • Connect multiple collaborators to one product
  • Connect collaborators across multiple stores
  • Collaborator accounts so they can see earnings
  • Export CSV of payouts
  • Set payment frequencies - Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Calculated reports for your vendors
  • No hidden fees, just a monthly subscription

What does CollabPay work with?

  • Works with your store home currency (all currencies)
  • Works with Shopify Multi-Currency
  • Works with Shopify International Pricing
  • Works with Shopify Plus
  • Works with Shopify Markets
  • Works with Shopify Discounts
  • Works with PayPal
  • More payout options coming soon
  • Works with Buy Button
  • Works with Point of Sale

CollabPay is used by:

  • Dropshipping stores
  • Marketplaces
  • Digital product stores
  • Stores that need to pay suppliers
  • Retail stores
  • Stores that create products with collaborators

Need a custom-tailored plan for your store?

We can create tailor-made plans to suit your store's needs. If you require a custom quote with custom requirements, then please get in touch.

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January 10, 2022
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