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Smart Product Page Order Form : You can start collecting orders directly from the product page using Smart Order Form & Faster & Easier purchase experience to increase CR%.

Pre Built Theme for COD Stores : Ready to use themes Optimized for COD . High quality design, faster loading speed & Multi languages which can be installed in 10 minutes.

Upsell Campaigns for COD : Create quantity offers & 1 click upsell campaigns within our app. Increase your AOV & start selling more today.

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Cash On Delivery Monster is a Shopify app designed especially for COD stores. Our app have many features, tools all in one. If you want to achieve that without our app you will be installing more than 10 apps at least & spend days to setup it. Cod monster let to do that in one click & few settings. Besides that we have a special theme that comes along. for a guaranteed compatibility between our app & your store. Now we will be telling you about some of our features & how it works:

1 - Quick order form: (build in the theme) Quick order form built-in our theme, which is more effective & proven to increase CR%. with Cod Monster you can build the order form as you like, you can enable & disable the form fields you want ex: (Name, phone number, address, city & the product variations)

2 - Abondonned orders: With our form you can collect information of the customers who didn't even complete the form and just left, so you can contact them later and try to convert them into customers.

3 - Sync orders with google sheet: We give you the ability to receive the orders through google spreadsheet & CRM.

4 - Order page: We know that Shopify already has an orders list but in Cod Monster we designed an orders list page especially for COD & we have added some really useful features for that like you can ad tracking numbers manage orders status (returned, not answering, delivered, cancelled, etc... ) & also you can edit the orders & add the up-sell for those who use sales calls too.

5 - Analytics dashboard: we give a simple analytics dashboard to read your numbers & see your progress.

6 - Cross-sell - Quantity offer Through our app, you can create quantity offers by Fixed $ Rate, % percentage or by-products. (Ex 1: Buy 2 get $2 OFF) (Ex 2: Buy 2 get %15 OFF) (Ex 1: Buy 2 get 1 for free)

7 - One-Click-Upsell: You can sell a sneaker, when the customer enters his information and made the first order he will see a pop up with a customer offer like: Add X product to your order Today and get 30% OFF. and he can do that just by one click or decline then finish his order.

8 - Multiple Facebook Pixel: You can add Many pixels in 1 click. also you can make other Facebook pixels for each collection & as much as you want there is no limit.

9 - Snapchat Pixel integration: Within our app, you can simply integrate Snapchat pixel in one click.

10 - Google tag & google analytics: In few clicks your can link both your google tag manager & google analytics codes.

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June 16, 2021
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