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Setup and manage ClickGUARD visitor and conversion tracking

About ClickGUARD Integration

Link ClickGUARD : Link with your ClickGUARD account in a matter of seconds.

Setup Visitor Tracking : Easily setup visitor behavior tracking for your store.

Setup Conversion Tracking : Easily setup conversion tracking for all completed orders.


ClickGUARD Integration

Integration for ClickGUARD is here! Now you can easily configure visitor and conversion tracking on your store for your ClickGUARD protected Google Ads accounts.

No more manually editing store theme to add a tracking code! Turn on visitor tracking with a click of a button.

Simply log in with your ClickGUARD account to start setting up the integration. Note: ClickGUARD Integration requires an active ClickGUARD subscription.

Visitor Tracking

Enable tracking of visitor sessions in your store by simply selecting an account and turning on visitor tracking. This will enable tracking of visitor behavior and organic traffic in ClickGUARD.

Conversion Tracking

To get the best value, you should also turn on conversion tracking. This will enable tracking of conversions in ClickGUARD for every completed order on your store.

What is ClickGUARD?

ClickGUARD is a click fraud protection service for Google advertisers. ClickGUARD empowers Google Ads users to identify, recognize and eliminate click fraud and other wasteful traffic, all on auto-pilot.

With powerful protection rules and state of the art analytics and forensics, you can keep your Google Ads budget protected and get valuable insight into your campaign performances at the same time.

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October 18, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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