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Prevent fake clicks and impressions on Google and Facebook Ads

About ClickCease ‑ Ad Protection

Detect wasteful PPC traffic : Instantly detect fraudulent clicks and impressions on your ad campaigns. Drive genuinely interested visitors to your site

Block'em from seeing your ads : Automatically block fake clicks and impressions in real time, allowing your products to only be seen by real customers.

Save money and gain more sales : Make sure your budget is being spent where it should be. Only get genuine traffic and drive more sales on your site.


About ClickCease: Stop Wasteful Ad Spending

ClickCease is a click-fraud and ad fraud detection and prevention software. Our anti click-fraud service protects paid campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads by using our industry-leading detection algorithms. ClickCease blocks fraudulent IPs on Google ads and fake impressions on Facebook Ads automatically. ClickCease is not affiliated with any search engine and is an independent provider.

ClickCease can help you:

  1. Instantly detect fraudulent visitors

    • Determine which of your incoming traffic has the potential to convert and which are just wasting your budget.
  2. Real-time blocking

    • Automatically block fraudulent clicks and impressions in real-time, allowing your ads to be seen by genuine customers only on your Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  3. Save your Ad budget for genuine clicks

    • Drive real intent users, giving you the best chance of selling your products.
  4. Set up in minutes through your Shopify template

    • Sync your Google Ads account with one click and immediately have the templates connected to your Shopify site.
  5. Connect your Facebook Ads account in seconds

  6. Simply select your Facebook pixel and monitor all your incoming traffic. Automatically have a fake user audience that will be excluded from your targeting.

  7. Easy-to-Use Dashboard

    • Manage your account through our insightful and customizable dashboard. See which campaigns are under attack and optimize accordingly.
  8. Keep the top spot on google ads for longer

    • Make sure competitors don’t click you out of the game. Keep your products at the top by extending your budget
  9. Insightful Analytics ( monthly reports)

    • Get everything you need to know about each and every click and visitor as well as receive monthly reports with personal recommendations
  10. 24/7 Support

    • Driven by your success, our support team makes sure you have everything you need whenever you need it.
  11. Available in 6 languages

    • Your ClickCease dashboard is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian
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August 02, 2021
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