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Same-day delivery service for SMEs in Brazil

About Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil

Same day delivery : Send your products as soon as possible in Greater São Paulo or schedule the service.

Delivery Insurance : Send your orders with our declared value insurance. Reduce the risks of your operation.

Real-time tracking : Keep your orders up to date. You can receive delivery status updates directly to Shopify or Borzo app.


Borzo - Same day delivery service in Brazil

Borzo is a service that unites professional couriers with clients who need express delivery. The platform allows you to automate the delivery of your products through a system that intelligently selects the closest and available couriers in the delivery area so that your orders arrive on the same day to your customer or on the date you prefer. We have thousands of registered couriers with different transports: motorbikes, cars and vans/trucks.

We are transforming the Same day delivery market, providing competitive prices, speed and convenience for your business. With international presence, Borzo offers cover throughout Greater São Paulo.

Using this app you can:

  • Add a new delivery method to your shopping cart.
  • Receive the delivery date and time that is convenient for your customers.
  • Automatically calculate the cost of delivery for each customer based on distance, delivery time and weight of the item.
  • Set the time for order processing: the delivery person will only arrive if you have defined the time interval to pick up the shipment.
  • Add delivery insurance to your orders.
  • Set an extra profit margin on our services to earn on delivery or a discount to attract customers who want express delivery.
  • Track your order in real-time through an intuitive interface.
  • Pay only for what you use through monthly billing.

This same-day express delivery service application allows sellers to calculate the price of their customers' orders at the end of the purchase and save time during order placement.

For you to use Borzo's express delivery service, your orders must be in Greater São Paulo.

Start to boost your business logistics with Borzo.

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April 24, 2020
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