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Omnichannel Customer Engagement and User Retention Platform

Boost Customer Engagement with Personalized Messaging

Customer Retention and Engagement Cloud

CleverTap is a customer retention and engagement cloud that empowers digital consumer brands to increase customer retention and lifetime value. CleverTap drives contextual individualization with the help of a unified and deep data layer, AI/ML-powered insights, and automation, enabling brands to offer hyper-personalized and delightful experiences to their customers.

CleverTap helps you with -

  • Revenue Growth Through Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Offering one of its kind automated, scalable and secure ecosystem, that is all encompassing, CleverTap helps you understand, segment, and engage users in real time using context and powerful AI/ML models. Our in-app analytics and marketing capabilities allow you to get real-time insights into your customers and build long-term relationships.

  • Engage users across messaging touchpoints

Deliver the ultimate omnichannel brand experience. Whether your users live inside your app or need a push to come back, our suite of messaging and engagement tools has you covered. You can run targeted campaigns on different user segments to boost user engagement and retention.

  • Power of real-time first-party user data

CleverTap collects rich first-party data and activity trends across different devices and operating systems, so you can connect with users in the moments that matter most. With CleverTap, you can easily understand how your users are using your product and keep track of their actions.

After installing this app, you can access all your first-party user data on your CleverTap account dashboard. You can perform analytics and omnichannel targeting through the various options available on your CleverTap account dashboard.

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January 04, 2016
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