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About Civil Pixels: Easy Tag Manager

Total tracking for every pixel : Track all the data you need with premade pixels and tags. Conversion events like checkout, add to cart and search are all tracked precisely.

Activate your scripts anywhere : Create unlimited number custom scripts and activate them from your shop. Simple triggers let you pick where and when they activate.

Update-proof tags and pixels : Don't worry about copying your tags and scripts when you update your theme. Civil Pixels will always load your scripts no matter what theme.

Facebook Ads Twitter Ads Snapchat Ads Quora Ads Tik Tok Ads

We make complicated pixels and conversion tags simple.

Every ad platform and analytics service seems to need some sort of tracking pixel. Who has the time to deal with all of that?

Civil Pixels is the simple tag manager that makes managing all of your pixels ridiculously easy. You'll get key events and full details tracked for each one.

With our premade pixels, you're able to:

  • Get exact conversion values to know which ads are actually making money.
  • Retarget visitors who create hundred dollar carts but don't convert,

Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, Twitter Tag and more

We've integrated with the top ad platforms to help you track conversions without the hassle. For platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, TikTok and Reddit, we'll help you track purchases, add to cart, search and much more.

Need multiple Facebook pixels? Don't worry, you can install as many Facebook pixels as you need.

Looking for a Twitter pixel? We've got you covered with Twitter's new universal tracking tag coupled with single event tags for granular tracking.

Want a Snapchat pixel? No problem. Civil Pixels will handle every conversion event.

If you're advertising with Reddit ads, we've got the Reddit pixel covered as well.

For Quora advertisers, we offer the Quora pixel with key events installed for you.

On TikTok , we've simplified the process to track add to cart and purchases for your TikTok pixel.

We even have the Facebook pixel that lets you customize every attribute for each event.

Each conversion event has complete product details and cart values. Want a full list of what's tracked? Take a look at our docs at,

Add any script you want, anywhere you want

Don't see the integration you need? No problem, our script editor lets you add any script to your shop and activate it whenever you want.

Trigger any script, tag or pixel when:

  • A customer finishes checking out,
  • A customer adds an item to their cart,
  • A visitor uses your site's search,
  • A visitor visits another page,
  • And much more!

Send any conversion value you want - whether you want to include shipping, taxes, or not

All of our scripts and integrations are completely customizable. Running a free + shipping campaign? No worries, you can change your pixels to fire with the total cart value.

Start your trial today and find out just how easy it is to start tracking everything!

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October 18, 2018
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Civil Pixels has been approved by Shopify and is now officially live! We’re excited to start helping you get all of your scripts, pixels and tracking tags in order. Find it now on the Civil Pixels app store listing to start managing your tags without the hassle. The post Civil Pixels is Live! appeared first on Civil Pixels.

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