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Create bundles and share them anywhere

About Checkout Links

Create flexible bundles : Discount individual items or the entire cart. Easily create links for free gifts, buy one get two offers or any offer you can think of!

Landing pages that converts : Get a beautiful landing page that's optimised for mobile and conversions. Share it anywhere and bring shoppers straight to your checkout!

Sell across multiple channels : Let shoppers checkout right on the spot when sharing your link on socials, in newsletters, when chatting with customers or even offline!

checkout links for shopify

Create bundles and free gifts as links and share them anywhere

Don’t lose potential sales to visitors browsing your shop aimlessly - send them straight to what you want them to buy, and present an offer that will make them turn into customers.

Offer a 1-click checkout outside of your store with Checkout Links. Share your link on your social media, in your newsletter, on your order confirmation emails, when chatting with customers or even offline with QR codes. It’ll show a beautiful landing page that’s optimised for conversions and take visitors straight to your Shopify Checkout, with your offer already in the bag!

Fewer steps that means less friction which increases the chances of visitors converting into paying customers.

Use cases

You can really use the links anywhere, only your imagination sets the limit for how to create and use the bundles you create.

  • Socials: have an introductory offer to your products in your social bio
  • Influencer marketing: a Checkout Link is perfect for marketing with influencers
  • Free samples: send a link with some free samples to new customers
  • Free gifts: send a link with a free gift to customers
  • Holiday offers: Black Friday or Mother’s Day coming up? Create an offer and send visitors straight to it!
  • Paid ads: when paying for traffic, you want them to go straight to your offer
  • Offline: use a QR code on markets or in your store to let people access offers easily
  • Marketing sites: have a marketing site that gets a lot of traffic? Share your link on it!
  • Email newsletter: sending a link straight to an offer will increase your conversion rate compared to a discount code in emails
  • Customer support chats: chatting with a customer and want to give them something extra? Send them a link with an offer


Follow how each link is performing with stats like page visits, conversion rates, total sales and even integrate with Shopifys report using custom UTM-tags for each link.

Coming soon: tracking pixels for Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.


We’re constantly updating Checkout Links with new features and love feedback from merchants - so please get in touch and we’ll help you get up and running in no time!

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June 08, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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