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Sync data from Chargify to Shopify

About Chargify Accounts

Publish products from Chargify : With Chargify Accounts, you can publish products from your Chargify product catalog to Shopify

Customer driven : Allow customers to view, edit and cancel their own subscriptions, cutting down on customer service

Subscriptions as orders : With our app, you can represent recurring subscriptions on your shop as individual orders on Shopify


What we do

Chargify Accounts by eShopAdmin integrates your Chargify account with your Shopify store

Key Features

  • Allow customers to change their subscription email address within Shopify
  • Allow customers to view their subscriptions within Shopify
  • Allow customers to update their subscription shipping information
  • Allow customers to change what product they are subscribed to
  • Allow customers to cancel their subscriptions
  • Allow customers to view their subscription referral codes
  • Publish and update Chargify products in Shopify
  • Create orders in Shopify against signups and renewals

Take advantage of more of Shopify's functionality by posting fulfillments against orders that are created for subscription products. Orders can be automatically created on Shopify when new subscriptions and subscription renewals occur. Additionally, we support the importing of Chargify components as separate line-items on the Shopify orders, so they can be fulfilled too!

You can customize whether or not you want customers to be able to update their address or cancel their subscription.

Note: eShopAdmin is not affiliated with Chargify, and Chargify is a registered trademark of Chargify LLC.

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July 08, 2013
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