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About AI WhatsApp Chatbot

Enhance Buyer Experience : Assist customers in product search, respond to customer queries, order tracking and seamless returns & refunds

Real Time Customer Support : Ability to integrate with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram & Messenger

Automated Alerts & Reports : Send reminders for replenishment of products. One click emails & sms to customers for promotions. Reports on best and least selling product


Cense AI : Brief Overview

Cense AI provides small and medium-sized businesses with Conversational AI solutions to drive revenue to enhance buying journey, improve customer service, automate conversations and multiply customer interactions. Cense AI enables real-time customer communication through text messaging and various messenger applications for millions of online shoppers.

Cense AI Solution to eCommerce Retailers

Cense provides a very easy setup process for eCommerce retailers. It syncs with the backend Ecommerce store, pulls all relevant product information, and trains the assistant within mere hours. After the setup process is complete, the assistant is be able to perform following functions:

Shoppers/Website Visitors

  1. Respond to customer queries.
  2. Assist customers in product search(even if there are minor spelling mistakes).
  3. Pull any valid discount coupon codes for a particular customers.
  4. Pull order & tracking details of the purchases, without any need for users to recollect Order-id.
  5. Assist customers in seamless returns & refunds.
  6. Integrate with customer support with live chat option.

Business Owners

  1. Send reminders for replenishment of products.
  2. One-click emails & SMS to customers for promotions/coupons.
  3. Report on most and least desired products.
  4. Showcase of products (for up-sell/ cross-sell) based on customer purchase.
  5. Captures out-of-stock products customers seek, informs them by email when it is back in stock.

Key Features

  1. Very easy set-up process.
  2. Business owners can set it up in couple of hours, not to mention it is a No-Code platform.
  3. The assistant is trained with 15+ set of automated flows with the default set-up process.
  4. Able to answer at least 1000+ pre-trained questions.
  5. Ability to train new automated flows and able to address lot more user queries.
  6. Can be trained on alternate names for the same product.
  7. Train to upsell & cross sell options for products.
  8. Able to be integrated with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, & Messenger.
  9. Owners can take advantage of Product Intelligence (best and least product sales) from conversational AI interactions:
    • Set email/sms templates for various occasions(Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc) to send emails to existing customers with a single button click
  10. Check analytics of their website for web traffic origins:
    • Detect which channels (Google, Facebook, etc.) are directing most users to their website to plan advertising spend accordingly.
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November 12, 2021
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