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Get your CCPA Toll Free Number

The California Consumer Privacy Act and associated regulations require that all businesses covered by the law offer support a minimum of 2 methods for consumers to request their personal information or request their information to be removed. Businesses with a brick and mortar location MUST minimally have a toll free number to process these requests. Toll Free Data Privacy is here to help, where every subscription plan includes a toll free number. Sign up and get your CCPA Toll Free Number today!

Request Verification by Customer

It's possible that fraudsters may call your toll free number in an attempt to gather data about your customers. Toll Free Data Privacy requires that each request is verified by the requesting customer before it can be processed by your staff. We achieve this by sending the customer on record an e-mail or SMS using their on-file customer contact information. If the customer approves the request within the required time frame, then the request can continue to be processed by your staff, otherwise the request will expire or be cancelled.

Workflow Automation

Supporting data privacy requests from a telephone number can be an operational burden and Toll Free Data Privacy is here to help. We support collection of multiple data points from a caller and use voice recognition technology to determine what information was provided. Finally, we use this information and attempt to identify the corresponding customer in your Shopify store so there's less management work required by you. If the customer can't be found, then a simple UI is provided for you to find the corresponding customer.

Control Call Flow and Data Collected

Toll Free Data Privacy supports multiple methods to control the flow of the call with a customer. This includes:

  • Welcome message played to callers
  • Configuration of one or more of the following data points used to identify a customer:
    • email address
    • phone number
    • order number

Meet CCPA Response Processing Time Requirements

CCPA regulations describe the time by which a customer request must be processed. Toll Free Data Privacy helps your staff process these requests in a timely manner and keeps an eye on when requests must be processed so you don't miss a beat. We support sending email notifications when a new request is received and when a request is nearing its required processing date. We don't want you to miss any deadlines, especially ones required by regulations!

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July 23, 2020
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