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The Best Klaviyo Restock App -- A Flow Library Expansion Pack

About Codeless Back in Stock Flow

Reach the Unreachable : Generate additional sales when you restock or a product runs low on stock.

Custom Theme Compatibility : Add restock buttons to custom Shopify themes. Can support any unsupported theme in 24 hours.

Natively Integrated : Each of our flows live in your Klaviyo dashboard alongside Klaviyo's stock flows.


**This app is solely an integration for Klaviyo. To use any of its functionality requires Klaviyo to be your store's email service provider**

Cartwheel’s Flagship Flow: A Codeless Back in Stock Solution

Our Back in Stock Flow takes the existing Klaviyo flow and makes it painless to set up, can be tailored to any theme, and has its performance live in your Klaviyo dashboard.

Quick Codeless Setup

No need to inject code into your store. Just enable Back in Stock in our app and your theme's recommended color scheme will automatically load. Use our flexible editor to adjust the styling of your button and its modal popup to your liking.

Custom Theme Compatibility

Our app works on any Shopify theme. We already support a majority of Shopify themes however if yours isn't currently supported, install our app and ask us to request theme access and it'll be ready within 24 hours.

SMS Support

Enable SMS collection in your modal popup for mobile targeting.

Cross Sell

Let your customers know about similar products that are available when they subscribe to a restock alert.

Metrics Tab

View your product and variant level restock data in our exportable metrics tab.

Simple Set Up

Set up is as easy as pasting API keys, creating a Klaviyo flow, and customizing email templates.

Natively Integrated

All of our flows live natively within Klaviyo’s dashboard so their performance can be viewed alongside your existing flows.

End to End Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our personal, Boston-based customer service. We can hold your hand for every step of the process -- connecting your API keys, setting up the flows, and fine tuning your emails. Just message us via our dashboard’s live chat if you need any assistance.

Revenue Drivers: Next Generation Abandoned Cart Recovery

Low Inventory Flow

When a product crosses an inventory threshold of your choice, our Low Inventory Flow sends emails to customers with abandoned carts, energizing them to purchase the product before it becomes unavailable.

Blog View Flow -- A lead magnet to combat iOS15's privacy changes

This flow automatically inserts tracking code into each article of your Shopify blog to log visitor data. It adds a Viewed Blog metric into Klaviyo that lets you turn your blog articles into lead magnets for targeted emails.

Customer Segmentation

Since our flows live within Klaviyo, you can use all of its existing functionality to target specific customers via segmentation and lists. Maintain the flexibility to choose which segment of your audience is best to contact and avoid annoying the rest.

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May 28, 2021

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