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Migrate OpenCart products, customers orders, taxes, SEO, etc.

About OpenCart Migration App

Risk-free solution : You launch Full database transfer only if you're happy with the Demo migration result (it takes no more that 30min).

Universal app : There's no need to possess any coding skills or additional software to migrate OpenCart to Shopify with the App.

Wide list of supported data : No matter what types of entities you need to migrate - the App can help you with that. Even customized migration is supported.


OpenCart Migration App by Cart2Cart is a leading eCommerce migration tool of this kind on the market. It is used by e-merchants all over the world to move OpenCart to Shopify in hours, not weeks.

How to migrate from OpenCart to Shopify in 3 steps?

  1. Install the app and specify your OpenCart store details.
  2. Choose the data you’d like to convert to Shopify.
  3. Run a Free Demo migration (optionally) or launch Full Migration.

How does it work?

The extension offers a fully automated migration framework where you’re only asked to provide your Source and Target stores’ details, specify types of data you want to migrate and additional migration options, and that’s it.

Data that you can migrate from OpenCart to Shopify with the Cart2Cart migration solution:

  • products
  • product categories
  • manufacturers
  • customers
  • orders
  • coupons
  • reviews
  • multistore, etc.

Optional migration extras:

  • Create 301 redirects on your Shopify store after migration
  • Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Automated Collections
  • Migrate Source Store customer groups into customer tags
  • Preserve order IDs on the new Shopify store
  • Migrate categories and products SEO URLs
  • Migrate images from products, categories, and blog posts descriptions

Limited special offer: Pick all the Extra Migration Options to improve your migration to Shopify and get 40% OFF their total cost!

Cart2Cart guarantees 100% security of your eCommerce data with no risks, data loss, duplication, or other potential mistakes when switching from OpenCart to Shopify.

The cart2Cart migration tool is a good way to go for those merchants willing to automatedly export from OpenCart to Shopify with no huge time and resource investments. So start your zero-risk test migration and see how easy it is to export products in literally a few clicks.

OpenCart to Shopify import. FAQs:

Will migration to Shopify affect my current OpenCart store?

No, the fully automated OpenCart store data migration won't impact your current store at all - your existing OpenCart store will be 100% available for customers and work as usual during the transfer process.

Can customers' credit cards data be moved from OpenCart to Shopify?

Since clients’ credit card info is sensitive data, we do not transfer it for security reasons. However, customers' billing and shipping addresses will be transferred successfully.

Does Cart2Cart SEO migration service support reviews migration from OpenCart to Shopify?

Yes, the Cart2Cart migration plugin has all the necessary functionality to convert OpenCart store reviews to a fresh Shopify store. But keep in mind that you need to Install the Product Reviews app (it’s free) on your Shopify store before migration.

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July 15, 2014
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