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Sell more with multiple add to cart button on product page

About Cart Cloner

More ATC, More Profit : Higher chance of products purchase means more successful Order. Convert visitor into Customer.

High Conversion : Multiple Add To Cart help to attract customer to purchase Product and hence higher conversion.

Higher VIsibility : Increase Purchase Option for customer. Dont Let go customer. Give more chance to Add product to site


Study shows that its most important to understand customer requirement and make purchase easier. While scrolling though product page sometime customer may get off the track and can leave the site, cause they don't find add to cart button easily.

When someone is browsing your store, most important conversion actions you want them to take is :

Add a product to the cart

That’s why having multiple add to cart buttons is such an easy and powerful method you can make to your Shopify store.

By adding a multiple button, you’re adding another 1,000 pixels for your customer to take one of the key conversion activities.

Which makes sense right?

You’re probably using 10x-100x that much visual space for product images and social images. While they are useful, they aren’t going to give you the main action you want a customer to take.

There is one time where having only one add to cart makes sense. That’s when you have a very small product page so the add to cart button is visible at all times.

But I could argue that if you can see your entire page at once, on the mobile or desktop, then you don’t have enough information for customers to use to make a buying decision.

So what should you do?

  • If you only have one add to cart button on your product pages, add a second one.

  • If you have two, check that one is always nearby and can reached without scrolling too far.

  • Not only that, but it will also make sure that the button stays visible no matter how far someone scrolls.

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