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Abandoned cart recovery Facebook Messenger marketing Live Chat

About Abandoned Cart Messenger Chat

Facebook chat & Messenger chat : Facebook Messenger Marketing & live chat are vital for abandoned cart recovery & customer support with easy subscription & insane open rate.

Abandoned Cart Recovery : Immediately recover carts & boost revenue with our powerful app's automated consistent cart & abandon order recovery FB Messenger feature.

FB Messenger Marketing List : Build FB Messenger marketing abandoned checkout & live chat list with it's seamless subscription options via easy to use checkbox widget.

Recover abandoned carts via FB Messenger chat tool

Abandoned Cart Recovery & Facebook Chat app by CareCart is built to bring more revenue to your store!

Here’s what you get:

  1. Recover order with abandoned cart recovery Messenger Marketing Campaigns
  2. Add to cart subscription widget
  3. Discount code widget
  4. Messenger chat widget
  5. Sticky discount box aka coupon box

Abandoned Cart Recovery & Facebook Chat App to boost social media marketing

Currently, Facebook chat Messenger has around 2 billion users. Enhance customer service and grow your customer base with new Facebook Messenger marketing strategy and reconvert to recover checkouts with our abandoned order recovery and FB chat app.

Facebook Chat, Messenger Marketing & Live Chat

Use our built-in Facebook free chat feature to boost conversion and provide customer support to your customers 24/7 right in their FB Messenger inbox. This makes it better than WhatsApp chat and other 3rd party chat support tools.

Abandoned Checkout Recovery Features

Recover sales with CareCart’s most powerful abandoned cart recovery tool you can send built-in campaigns to the abandoners in order to reconvert them. With our abandonment protector and abandon cart recovery system you can also use automated abandoned checkout campaigns to remind your customers to complete the purchase process. Restore a persistent cart for the customers across all devices.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation & FB Chat Messenger Marketing

Setup automated abandoned order recovery messenger campaigns. Remind your potential customers what they have left in the cart and provide Messenger chat support. Increase your sales by taking the advantage of FB Chat Messenger’s 85% open rate that is almost equivalent to the SMS campaign open rate.

You can send following abandoned cart messenger campaigns:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaign
  • Messenger Welcome Campaign
  • Order Receipt

Build Facebook Chat Subscribers List

FB Messenger marketing is better than email marketing due to its high open rate & ease of subscription. Up to 85% open rate boosts conversion & abandoned cart recovery. This is what makes your Facebook Chat Messenger subscribers most valuable. All that tracking, abandoned checkout recovery automation, Messenger chat & Messenger marketing is free which makes it second to none.

For the customers it’s easy to subscribe as they don’t have to type. Just a click on checkbox will subscribe them to the list. The best part is that the subscription box is located right next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button which encourages customers to subscribe and stay updated with ease.

Enjoy free chat for customer service and abandon cart recovery via Facebook!

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