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One-click upsell & cross-sell app • Pre & post purchase upsell

About Candy Rack — All‑in‑One Upsell

Super-Easy One-Click Upsell : Launch store-wide pre-purchase or post-purchase upsells and cross-sells in just a few clicks. Leverage the AI powered algorithm.

Eye-Candy Design & UX : Offer one-click upsells and cross-sells with our slick pop-up optimized for mobile. Generate extra revenue without putting off customers.

Lightning Fast Upsell App : App script loads asynchronously via a global CDN, meaning there’s no impact on page load times and your customer experience.

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NEW FEATURE: Post-purchase upsells – Boost your sales with post-purchase upsell offers displayed on a “Thank You” page.

Candy Rack is a one-click upsell app that allows you to upsell & cross-sell products to customers on your product pages – right after they click on the add to cart button. Offers are displayed in the form of a slick pop-up optimized for both desktop and mobile.

You can choose from three types of upselling:

  1. One-Click Product Upsell – Offer existing products from your catalog as pre-purchase or post-purchase upsells, cross-sells, or product bundles.
  2. AI-powered Smart Auto-Upsell – Leverage the AI algorithm to automatically cross-sell, upsell, or bundle products based on the purchase history and product descriptions.
  3. Premium Service – Cross-sell paid services from pre-made templates like Extended Warranty, Gift Packaging, First in Line, and more.

Why choose Candy Rack for upselling, cross-selling, and bundling?

When we were designing the upsell app, we wanted it to do three things:

  • Be super-intuitive and straightforward to set up
  • Provide a seamless user experience and look like a native part of the purchase flow
  • Constantly deliver significant value for business owners and boost ROI

Based on the feedback from our community, we believe we're doing more than a decent job. Our app reviews and an average rating of 5.0 speak for themselves.

What results can I expect?

Of course, results will depend on your type of business and how much time you invest in your cross-sell (bundle) or upsell strategy. To that end, we're always on hand to share best upselling techniques and help you with pop-up customizations.

Top Candy Rack features

  1. All-in-one upsell solution – Combine pre-purchase and post-purchase offers using the single app
  2. AI-powered Smart Auto-Upsells – Save time and effort by leveraging the AI algorithm. It automatically cross-sells products based on the purchase history and product descriptions.
  3. Mobile-first design – The majority of customers shop on their mobile devices. That's why the Candy Rack pop-up is optimized for a seamless mobile experience.
  4. Customizations – Adjust the content and design of your pop-up to match your storefront—and see the changes in a real-time preview. Use custom CSS if needed.
  5. Performance – App script loads asynchronously via a global CDN, not affecting page load times and your customer experience.
  6. Integrations – Built-in integrations with various currency conversion apps, translation apps, page builders, and many more.
  7. Advanced targeting – Set custom rules and target your upsell offers with laser precision using conditions like product title, tag, price, and many more.
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October 17, 2018
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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